A Trek to Truth

The Trek to Truth

The "Christian's" Testimony

Christianity's more than a word to Renee. It defines who she is, her life. After all, Jesus Christ isn't only her Lord and Savior. He's her confidante, her best Friend.

She doesn’t remember her first day in church. However, those early memories of the large Southern Baptist chapel include her mother dancing before her as the director of children’s choir (yes, dancing…gasp!) and her father caressing the keys on the piano. And Sunday School.

One day in particular stands out in her mind. The teacher asked a question after the lesson and several of her friends raised their hand. Those light blue eyes swiveled to Renee and she lifted hers. Why? Oh, yeah…it was time to get wet.
Several years passed. Heartache, pain, depression…good times, too. The family relocated to Wyoming. A fresh place, a different school, another church…and new friends. Although poles apart in culture from Acadiana, the high plains and mountains of the most sparsely populated state in the Union became home for a young lady.

But something was missing. She walked the meadows and valleys…gazed at the starlit skies. And even marched the aisle to be dunked in the baptistery one more time. Nothing filled the hole in her soul.

One night, surrounded by her Christian single friends, she waited while they prayed. One would pray for direction. Another asked for strength. Before the circle reached her, the last person lifted a petition that changed her life forever. He asked for help…not in pretty, preachy words but as a guttural, needy, tearful plea.

She realized in that moment the Person he was talking to was REAL. And she’d never met Him. Renee dropped to her knees and asked Jesus into her heart that very night. A few months later, she was baptized. Yes, for the THIRD time!

The Christian walk’s not always straight forward. Sometimes, the trek’s convoluted and the path’s very narrow. The trail winds here and there and if you aren’t careful, you miss it entirely. So, watch out.

Renee trusts the Lord with all her heart. Her faith sees her through life’s incredible journey. Welcome.



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