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Book Club Appointments
Have you ever wondered about the inspiration for the story? Or wished you knew the story behind the story? If one of Renee's books is chosen for your selection, let her know. She can call you during your meeting and discuss it with you. The only equipment you'll need is a speaker phone.

Or if you want to make it more interesting, Skype the call. You'll need a laptop with a webcam, and you'll have to download Skype. (Please inform Renee in an email if that's what you want.)

Speaking and Writing Workshops

Renee loves to write but she adores talking about writing and helping other do it better even more! And that entails the young and old, new writer and multi-published, grade-schooler and especially those who can't pick up a pencil.

She can simply talk to a roomful of best-sellers or carry on a workshop with feisty teenagers or those gung-ho authors back from a weekend wonder trip at the conference. Contact Renee today for her tailor rates specifically designed for your needs!

Arts and Crafts Classes

Due to CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 or Causalgia), Renee seeks comfort and therapy through art and crafts. She's discovered quite a natural talent in both. From acrylic painting and pouring to the creation of soy candle-making with the beautiful scents of essential oils, Renee wishes to share these discoveries with you.

Each class can vary in time length, topic, and/or degree of difficulty as described below. They can also be specialized and unique, simply ask and Renee will quote a price for your needs.



Acrylic Painting Courses

Beginning Acrylic Painting: 30 minutes - 1 hour (supplies included) - quote after contact
Intermediate Acrylic Painting: 1 -2 hours (provide own supplies) - quote after contact
Advanced Acrylic Painting: 1-2 hours (provide own supplies) - quote after contact


Acrylic Pouring Courses

Beginning Acrylic Pouring: 1 hour (supplies included- quote after contact 
Intermediate Acrylic Pouring: 1-2 hours (provide own supplies) - quote after contact 
Advanced Acrylic Pouring: 1-2 hours (provide own supplies) - quote after contact


Soy Candle-making with Essential Oils Courses

1st Level Soy Candle-making with Essential Oil Fragrance: 2 -3 hours - quote after contact
2nd Level Soy Candle-making with Essential Oil Fragrance: 2-3 hours - quote after contact
3rd Level Soy Candle-making with Essential Oil Fragrance: 2-3 hours - quote after contact



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