Renee's Artwork

Renee loves her paintings as much as she loves her books. She offers them to you as limited print editions and original acrylic pours.

May her art grace your home and heart in the way it has hers.

Limited Print Editions (signed by the Artist)

The Lake at Sunset

Signed limited print editions - $75.00 ea
Collection of 25 prints

(non-framed, signed, dated, and numbered by Artist)
(shipping and taxes not included)

Acrylic Art in Paint (signed by the Artist)

Faith, Hope, and Love

Signed original acrylic art on canvas board - $25.00

(non-framed, signed and dated by Artist)
(shipping and taxes not included)


Acrylic Pours (signed by the Artist)

Number and Price

1 = $45
2 = $45

3 = $45

4 = $45

5 = $75


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