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My name is Renee Blare and welcome to my website and blog. I'm a Wyoming Pharmacist and have been for 22 years. After reaching my goal of becoming a manager, I finally conceded to the pain I was having in my knee. I'd only had it for fifteen years or so and I was long overdue for a  knee replacement. I never dreamed I would not only suffer through the rehab of that surgery but in the end, would face losing my career by developing a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Type 2.)

Unbeknownst to me, before, during, or after the operation, the lumbosacral plexus (the major peripheral nerve) in my lower back and hip was permanently damaged and my life changed forever. I laid aside the life-book called Renee Blare - Pharmacist I was living and picked up another one filled will blank pages, entitled Renee Blare - Physically Challenged. I was now on the new and terrifying path of the disabled. Now, I had to learn how to live all over again.

Today, I live the life of the permanently disabled with the worst pain I've ever known. At least, I've ever experienced in my life. That includes the fifty-four-hour labor it took to bring my son into this world ... yes, that's two-minute contraction labor for the most part.

This blog may jump around but that's part of the CRPS. I'll try to stay on topic as best I can! Promise. Here we go.

Now, medical folks, you may be asking why I am writing this to you? Simply as a prelude and warning, let me set it all up by saying - be reluctant to utter the word "no" to someone, especially if you are a medical provider into today's easily offended world. In fact, be careful dealing with anyone about prescriptions. Be careful with those in suits. Most are "drunk" on power, and whether they say it or not, believe they have the authority of God.

Your best defense (and your patients) against these people? Knowledge.

The government, insurance, or any other third party, does NOT know your patients, doctors, or you. You can fight for them. You know their story. You can fight back against those wishing to prevent treatment or do "harm." You can be their voice when and if they don't have one. IF you have the courage. BUT BE CAREFUL. Make sure you know the facts and you and your patient are IN THE RIGHT before taking your first step out on that limb. How? Know the TRUTH. Be assured by the Truth (not their truth or anyone else's, for that matter).

If it's only you as a patient? That's okay too. First things, though and that is to remain objective and honest with yourself and everyone else. If you are in pain like I am and need to make a decision, get advice from someone you trust. Get their opinion. Heck, get two or three! Pray about it until God confirms or flat-out rejects your answer. Be assured of what He is saying in Scripture so you can't question your path or blame anyone except yourself for the actions you take or the words you speak. There is too much to lose by making a mistake or not doing something you should. Personal friendships, family relationships to start and long-standing relationships with medical providers and pharmacists or entire healthcare teams that take of you or someone else for that matter. 

In other words, make sure you are right before you do something incredibly wrong.

Believe me, I can tell you horror stories of saying that one tiny little word only to learn I WAS WRONG or the doctor was WRONG.

As a pharmacist or healthcare provider, having control over someone's health gives a person power. It can consume and take over. At first, when I began my career many years ago, I dwelled on it if I said, "No." It bothered me and stewed about it before going on to the next prescription. It hurt to do it too!

After a while, I took a breath. I was upset but able to breathe and not cry my eyes out. Before long, I could simply shrug it off. The pain I'd caused - time wasted - didn't faze me.

Why? How? Your gasp of horror is the equivalent to mine twenty years ago. Things changed... drastically in my career. In fact, Pharmacy has changed so much (as if that's an excuse) in two decades, that I can honestly say that I didn't go to school to be the same thing!

I graduated with a desire and mission to help make people better. To teach them how to take care of themselves only to become a law enforcement officer like my mother (but unpaid.) - To be the gatekeeper and sheriff's deputy for the medical field.

In addition, I was an insurance guru, psychologist, telephone switchboard operator, Medicaid, and Medicare operative, big business salesman, and above all else, a State and CDC Infectious Disease Preventionist and Investigator. All of them, but not paid for in my salary. I'll tell you the truth, people getting their meds early? Their pain was simply collateral damage to me. I was too busy to hash it out with the doctor or figure out time tables, simply because they "may" be telling the truth. I barely had time to deal with the insurance people on the phone for blood pressure med, much less a narc at my counter!

The next thing I knew I was being told to get ready to literally save OD'd drug addicts in my waiting room and order my own prescription blanks. I was going to be a provider of my own clinic and writing my own prescriptions before long.

Remember when I said my career was practically unrecognizable from school? Well, I didn't go to school to be a doctor or nurse. I went to school to be a pharmacist. That's how much Pharmacy had changed and it was changing so fast now that I couldn't keep up

But the government doesn't care about any of that. Or what I feel about it. It doesn't care about what pharmacists do or the responsibilities it already gives us. They simply don't want us filling too many opioid prescriptions. If we do, it makes sure, we don't have a pharmacy to work in or a license to work with. In fact, it's quick to threaten a cell at Fort Leavenworth with three hots and a cot. And what tells it we're guilty? Numbers. As far as it's concerned, if the numbers are high, we have to be filling to the wrong people, or from the wrong doctors, or with fraudulent prescriptions, or stealing them ourselves.

I didn't like it, no. I hated being intimidated by Big Brother. Worse, I didn't like the constant bullying for doing my job. I couldn't do my job the right way because if I did, I was wrong. And if I did it the wrong way, I was wrong. But I did what I was told.

In other words, the folks who heard the word "no" from me were collateral damage. I no longer filled pain medications because I enjoyed it. I did it because I had to. In truth, I hated this part of a career I loved. Again, why did I stay with it?

My husband had had thirty-something surgeries at this point and he was disabled, and I was what is called the primary breadwinner of the house. I worked or we didn't have insurance, a home, or food. We didn't have cars to drive, or the luxuries all families in the USA enjoy.

Then I developed the "Suicide Disease," and my world was flipped upside down. I had now become collateral damage in this man-made war by the cold, insensitive side of the career I had always loved. Now I was the one who gets told by my doctors that they are lowering my pain medication dosages simply because Uncle Sam is pressuring them - you know, do it or else. I'm the one listening to the lectures about taking too many opioids and how they don't help nerve pain although I can take nothing else to survive the pain.

In reality, I despise this side of medical care in America. The people controlling what to do about my pain know nothing about me or my health and the people who do know about my pain have no control over what to do about it. 

I've been part of the FIGHT AGAINST OPIOIDS from both sides, a medical provider and a patient. I've discovered that no matter which side you're on, this battle is ugly. It was lost before it started. There are also no easy answers because it has no right or wrong black and white solutions.

Is this WAR AGAINST DRUGS as simple as it sounds? Are there really two sides, the INNOCENT AND THE GUILTY? I agree that there are people guilty of abusing prescription opioids. These people are addicted and seek out doctors and shop around for pharmacies to fill prescriptions for pain medications to either sell on the street for more potent drugs or simply feed their habit.  However, the innocent person using an opioid for acute purposes or chronic pain is easier to differentiate from such a person.

Characteristics of addictive behavior and body identifiers such as short temper, shakes, anxiety, sweating, open sores, thin skin, pale complexion, etc. can be used to help identify a person who may be in withdrawal. But the innocent patient who uses opiates for severe chronic pain may be caught inside the strings of the web as a habitual user which is similar to addiction.

All I can say of those who are innocent and caught in such a web? They are not usually there of their own volition and it is almost impossible for them to defend themselves. They should be protected at all costs. They are the victims of an unforgiving and cold-hearted WAR and blinded SOCIETY.

I have comprised three rules which may help you. They helped me before I had to say adios to my Pharmacy Counter.

My Pharmacy Life During Opioid Mania

1. Every Person with a CII Rx isn't a Criminal.

2. Knowledge is Your Best Defense.

3. Make Sure Your Right Before You are Very Wrong.

My life isn't and will never be any easier. I won't work ever again especially as a pharmacist. But that doesn't mean I can't help you or people like me face the life we must live, either as chronic pain fighters or unintended adversaries on the battlefront of the War on Opiates. We can understand each other and how to make sure there are no friendly-fire casualties. The first thing we must do is be honest with ourselves. The second thing is being honest with each other. And the third?

Before doing anything, we must find the Truth so we can discover what is right. Life can be good, but we must stop pretending everything is fine when it isn't. Otherwise, nothing will change. At that point, we can be good and honest, and God will shine upon us.

I have joyful days, a loving, strong husband, a loyal service dog, a wonderful son and an awesome home. I'm learning every day how to live a fulfilling life and load the pages of my book with wisdom and knowledge worth passing on.

No longer will I waste time on the past or think of others as collateral damage. Because I've learned the hard way that nobody in this world is disposable. Will you join me in changing the world?

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Nobody is disposable.

In Christ, 

Renee Blare

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Renee Blare carries a current, inactive pharmacist license within the State of Wyoming due to her disability and inability to work since May of 2017. This blog is not meant to contain or offer any legal advice, health counseling, or derogatory statements, political or otherwise, implied or explicit to the public or her readers. Her opinions are her own and she does not promote or suggest they be promoted or agreed upon in any manner.


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