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High Places

When God Seems Far Away
His Hope Rests in High Places

Do you feel utterly defeated? Convinced that the Lord has abandoned you to your struggles? I only have one word for you to hold on to in your time of uncertainty. . . your time of craving and need.Hope

If you listened to that song by Ron Kenoly, I pray you heard a few things of importance in this imperative time in your life. Don't worry, I won't make you guess. LOL, I won't even make you wait! At least, not much longer.
For newcomers to the blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Renee Blare and I'm a Christian author and artist, primarily artist at the moment. God has not seen fit to restore my writing other than blogging, but that's okay. Yes, I said it was okay. It's taken me quite the journey to get to this point but that's another blog entirely.
Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2, the most painful neuro-inflammatory disease known to mankind. All I'm…


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