The Bible...The World's Most Beautiful Bible

A Magnificent bible that can be passed from generation to generation

If you ever had just one book… what book would it be? For most Christians the answer is simple: it’s The Holy Bible. But what if the most important book of all time could also be the most beautiful, sturdiest? The one book, which is passed from generation to generation: from you to your children and grandchildren. A family heirloom...

One of the most magnificent bibles is Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible, dated from the 1840s-1860s, which is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful King James Version bibles ever published. With 1600 pages and more than 900 iconic illustrations and detailed maps, this book has almost an encyclopedic value.

Paulius Virbickas, entrepreneur and publisher who has published over 1000 books found this bible sitting on a shelf, covered in dust, in an old antique bookstore. It seemed like it was just waiting for him patiently. As he slowly opened its cover and started browsing through the ancient pages, he immediately understood – this is it.

Together with his team, Paulius devoted almost a year painstakingly restoring the magnificent graphic illustrations and decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for The World’sMost Beautiful Bible. Recently their Kickstarter surpassed 100% funding and there is still some time left for those who want to obtain this magnificent Bible.

This majestic Bible contains extensive commentaries in parallel columns, as well as a complete Concordance and a comprehensive Bible Dictionary:

• The extraordinary Holy Bible is over 1600 pages long and dramatically oversized (9’’x11,88’’)
• Original King James Version (KJV) – a translation that is so important, that it is considered to be a driving force in the shaping of the English-speaking world. 
• Embossed cover with gold finishing & gilded book edge.
• Handmade solid wood box
• All pages printed on acid-neutral non-fading archival quality paper, sewn into binding to last long usage and can be opened into flat position
• 3 satin ribbons in black, red and gold to mark your favorite passages
• Personalized cover with your family's name
• Printed and bound in Europe.

Creators of this project promise to produce 5 versions of The World’s Most Beautiful Bible + 1 “stretch goal” version after they reach $12,000 funding.

Here are the 5 versions of The World’s Most Beautiful Bible:

1. Personalized Limited Edition

 2.  Personalized CHRISTMAS SUPERSAVER Edition – The World’s Most Beautiful Illustrated Family Bible in a solid wood box

3. Deluxe AMBER Edition in Handmade Wooden Box From Reclaimed Oak + hand bind premium black Italian leather covers & genuine Baltic amber cross

4. Deluxe SILVER Edition in Handmade Wooden Box From Reclaimed Oak + hand bind premium Italian royal blue leather covers & silver cross

5. Deluxe GOLD Edition in Handmade Wooden Box from Reclaimed Oak + hand bound premium Italian burgundy leather covers & gold cross

You can support this project and order one of the bibles, listed above here.


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