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The Bible...The World's Most Beautiful Bible

A Magnificent bible that can be passed from generation to generation
If you ever had just one book… what book would it be? For most Christians the answer is simple: it’s The Holy Bible. But what if the most important book of all time could also be the most beautiful, sturdiest? The one book, which is passed from generation to generation: from you to your children and grandchildren. A family heirloom...
One of the most magnificent bibles is Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible, dated from the 1840s-1860s, which is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful King James Version bibles ever published. With 1600 pages and more than 900 iconic illustrations and detailed maps, this book has almost an encyclopedic value.

Paulius Virbickas, entrepreneur and publisher who has published over 1000 books found this bible sitting on a shelf, covered in dust, in an old antique bookstore. It seemed like it was just waiting for him patiently. As he slowly opened its cover and started browsin…

Live and Learn with Hobby Time

Treading on New Ground

Anyway, let's move on. Writing has been almost impossible over the last eighteen months because of the pain and my inability to concentrate. So I needed to find other interests to occupy my time and mind. And I did!
It began the first few months after I was stranded at home with nerve pain. I attempted to write but that was a no go. I quickly realized my brain wasn't going to be cooperative and began to search for something to do. (The television could only take me so far.)
Hobby Number One: Painting
My husband suggested painting. Nothing serious, you understand, just a few scratches here and there on the canvas. I agreed and discovered that I can paint and I'm actually pretty good at it. Who would've known, right? I've always sketched and such but painting? I never would've thought.
I began to play around with acrylics and loved every moment. I dabbled with landscapes and soon expanded my skills to include acrylic pours. I found that I en…


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