Walking in Sunshine

A Bighorn Walkabout

Bighorn National Forest

No TV? No cell service? Are you crazy? No, merely enjoying the sunshine in the Bighorn National Forest!

Meadowlark Lodge Motel
That's right, we took a stroll -- or should I say cruise -- through one of the greatest places on earth, set up camp in a rustic lodge on the top of the world and enjoyed God's creation...without the modern comforts. And LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

We could have snuggled in a tent or a cabin. We even thought about slugging our huge camper all the way up the hill. In the end, we decided to stay at my ol' childhood stomping grounds, Meadowlark Lodge located at the top of the Bighorn Mountains. After all, the only thing I cared about was the fact I had a bathroom. 😏

My husband, James wanted to make sure I was comfy so he made arrangements long before I even knew about it! What a guy. He made sure I had my books and he had his fishing pole. Oops, I take that back. He had his prospecting tools. The only thing missing was my guitar. LOL

View from Balcony
The views from this laid back resort are magnificent. The rooms in the motel are comfy, albeit a bit rough (the new owners are in the process of updating the entire facility since it hasn't been upgraded in almost fifty years.) You won't be disappointed no matter where you lay your head.

Of course, the last place you want to be is INDOORS in the Bighorns! Why waste your sight on the walls, no matter how glorious or "in or outdated" they may be? A place like this needs to be experienced not visited!

Wander on down to that beautiful lake and dip those toes! A quick warning -- expect it to be cold. You're not frolicking in the Bahamas. This is the Rocky Mountains, and the altitude tops out at 8,500 feet at the Lodge. If you love to fish, drown a worm or send a lure flying across those waves. Have fun!

Expect gorgeous sunsets and clean air. Clear nights with stars that light up the sky. You won't be disappointed unless you want to be.

As for food, Meadowlark Lodge has a restaurant as well as Deer Haven Lodge down the road. Burgers, steaks, pizza -- or you can bring your own food and have a picnic the good old fashion way. There are numerous picnic grounds throughout the area.

Moose by Lake

EXPECT LOTS OF PEOPLE IN THE BIGHORNS DURING THE PEAK TOURIST AND VACATION TIMES. These are the main holidays such as the Fourth of July, July and August, and Labor Day. Rifle hunting season (Deer, Moose, and Elk) especially opening day in October is also a busy, busy time. That's life in Wyoming and I won't apologize for it, folks. People eat game meat here.

Lodging is hard to come by with the campgrounds PACKED. Four-wheelers are everywhere. A special note: Memorial Day can even be busy if the weather is warm enough. You may even find the winter stacked with snowmobiles and skiers everywhere! The Meadowlark Ski Area is a hop, skip, and a jump right across the lake.

Ducks on Pond by Lake
I personally love the Bighorn Mountains. They don't jet into the sky like the Tetons but that's okay. These hills are old. They roll and move with the groans of an old lady. But every once in awhile, you'll see a spike or two to remind you there's still life in 'em. You can't underestimate these hills. At the same time, enjoy them. However, remember... they are in control.

The adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" may flounder through your mind once in awhile, but suddenly you'll take a corner and that thought will be wiped from your head at the awesome scenery before you. 

That is the Bighorns.

I always take pictures of places I love but they don't do justice to what I've seen. Many thoughts have run through my head as I've tried to catch that perfect shot. 

Two ducks on a small pond...are they playing tag? Competing for food? Arguing over a mate?

Bighorn Meadow

A raven perched on a rock inspecting the meadow in the distance. Is it searching for food? Waiting for its mate? Or simply resting? I thought about this one too long and missed the pic but got the meadow. How's that?

Water rushing down a creek bed at the end of summer. Will it be a hard winter? Is there hidden treasures buried beneath its rocks and stones? What was it like one hundred years ago? Who else has walked along these banks?

Meadowlark Lake from Room  (reading view)

The history of the West permeates everything when I wander through the Bighorns and I love experiencing each time. But more than that, I touch the cold of the water, hear the wind in the trees, and smell the clean, fresh air and realize I'm not alone. God created the leaves, the water, the air, and the mountains above.

His majesty is all around me but nothing reminds me as much as the beauty of the Bighorn Mountains. Their strength, grace, and purity is incomparable.

The Meadowlark Lodge may not have the most modern amenities, but that's okay. It may be rustic and backward for those looking for "top of the line" provisions. But it has enough for me -- a bed and a bathroom.


After all, I didn't go there for what was inside... but outside the door. My Wyoming.

In Christ, 

Renee Blare

Evaluation and Rankings:
Meadowlark Lodge and Restaurant: 5/5
Deer Haven Restaurant: 5/5

Special Thanks to the Following Businesses:

Meadowlark Lake Lodge
4700 U.S. Highway 16 East
Ten Sleep, WY 82442
CALL 307-366-2459

Deer Haven Lodge
4301 U.S. Highway 16 East
Ten Sleep, WY 82442
CALL 307-366-2424

Meadowlark Ski Lodge
426 Forest Service Road
U.S. Highway 16 East
Ten Sleep, WY 82442
CALL 307-366-2429 Fri - Sun
307-267-2459 Mon-Thur

More Pictures to Enjoy:

Ten Sleep Creek

Happy Me

Meadowlark Lake (from Dock)

P.S. This trip I accessed the Bighorns from Buffalo. I did not travel to Ten Sleep although I could have traveled to this wonderful town via this route. I recommend it to all! You won't be sorry. The Bighorns are also accessible via Sheridan, WY but that is another trip...another Walkabout adventure. Until then, adios, ciao, au revoir, mon amie! 


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