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Take the Trail to Deadwood

Wild Deadwood Reads!

Deadwood, South Dakota hasn't change much through the years. Gold, cowboys, and, the three ingredients to a good time in this western hive of good times. All you need to do to enjoy yourself here is show up. Oh, and put your money where your mouth is.

Good food, great casinos, and even better shows and events draw folks to Deadwood and envelopes all into its rough downtown atmosphere. The rugged town says "pull up a chair and stay a while. Enjoy it all!"

And by that, the folks of Deadwood mean such things as the PBR - Professional Bull Riders Rodeo, singers and magic shows, and Wild Deadwood Reads!

That's right, Wild Deadwood Reads... an Reader/Author Event with over 80 local and national authors in attendance and a menagerie of author-sponsored events for readers and authors to mingle and spend time together. It is a kick-butt time and awesome way to spend a slice of your vacation.

✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞ ⚖ ✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞

✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞ ⚖ ✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞

Don't miss this awesome event! Be there if you is an abbreviated itinerary of what you may get to do in just a few days:

Thursday Night: Meet and Greet
Friday:  Multi-Stop Sightseeing Trip
Saturday: Breakfast with the Authors
                Author Book Signing
                Basket Raffle (proceeds donated to Wild Horse                                                                                           Sanctuary)
                PBR Rodeo Behind the Chutes VIP Package
                Wild Book Reading at Wild Bill Bar

I've also heard rumor of horseback riding, ghost tours, old time photographs, and stagecoach rides! Wow, what a crazy adventure this weekend should turn out to be.

So load 'em up and move 'em out and head to Deadwood, South Dakota on June 7th for Wild Deadwood Reads.

✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞ ⚖ ✞⛏✞ ⚒ ✞ ⚒ ✞⛏✞

As for this author (Renee Blare), here's my Agenda:

Thursday Night: Meet and Greet 7pm

Friday: Wandering around Deadwood and relaxing

Saturday: Breakfast with the Authors 8:30-10am
Author Book Signing TABLE #88
Wild Book Reading at Wild Bill Bar 7:00pm

See you there!

In Christ, 


Wild Deadwood Reads website
Deadwood Mountain Grand website


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