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An Extravaganza to Remember

Wild Deadwood Reads

Fun Times for Authors and Readers!____________________________
My Reader Lodge and personal wall on Facebook has exploded the last few days. Pictures upon pictures flying through cyberspace only to land one after the other upon my social pages. And you know what? I don't mind. In fact, I look forward to each one even if I've seen them before. After all, I had a blast in Deadwood!
What exactly is... or maybe...was Wild Deadwood Reads, you ask? Well, how about three days of hanging out with readers, fans, and fellow authors in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota including the hoppin' old west town of Deadwood? In fact, we wrapped it up a few days ago, capping  off with a book-signing followed by a reading upstairs of the Wild Bill Bar.
Yep, it was an awesome time! An extravaganza to remember! You wanna see? Oh, I knew you would. LOL ____________________________
The Book Signing

____________________________ The Fellowship

____________________________ The S…

Books, Bulls, and Fun

Take the Trail to Deadwood For
Wild Deadwood Reads!
Deadwood, South Dakota hasn't change much through the years. Gold, cowboys, and, the three ingredients to a good time in this western hive of good times. All you need to do to enjoy yourself here is show up. Oh, and put your money where your mouth is.
Good food, great casinos, and even better shows and events draw folks to Deadwood and envelopes all into its rough downtown atmosphere. The rugged town says "pull up a chair and stay a while. Enjoy it all!"
And by that, the folks of Deadwood mean such things as the PBR - Professional Bull Riders Rodeo, singers and magic shows, and Wild Deadwood Reads!
That's right, Wild Deadwood Reads... an Reader/Author Event with over 80 local and national authors in attendance and a menagerie of author-sponsored events for readers and authors to mingle and spend time together. It is a kick-butt time and awesome way to spend a slice of your vacation.
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