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Walk Your Path

Wherever It May Lead

God's work is evident all around us. We see it in the mountains, the sky, the trees. When life is rocking along, we rejoice with the birds of the air and dance with the fireflies. But what happens when we're thrown a curve ball? When things don't go as expected? Do we cry and howl like the wolves? Or wait for the sun to rise and walk under it with joy?

Top 10 Reasons Why the Church Fails People

Why The Church Fails

My husband and I usually take trips to and fro to see the sunshine this time of year...hence, my blog, Wyoming Walkabouts. However, the sunshine's been obliterated by snowy white clouds this week, and the cold's kept me trapped inside. So, I've been thinking (a dangerous past-time, I know) and evidently my hubby has been too. He posted his thoughts on Facebook this morning, and I thought they were amazing. With his permission, I've combined them with mine and adapted the topic to a blog post.

If you read Christian blogs on a regular basis, you'll find all sorts of articles about the American Christian Church and its faults. How horrible it is. But I have to ask this question . . . why? Why is the Christian Church failing people? Why is it under attack from the very members beneath its roof?

I've thought about this many an occasion and discussed it with fellow Christians as well as the Lord. Not to gossip or hurt anyone but because I lov…


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