The Devil Within

Battling the Heroes and the Monsters

Hulk via Pixabay

How many times do we fight ourselves only to lose? If you were to ask me, I'd admit to losing count. Like David Banner, I pretend to keep a tight grip on the reins, but the monster within is always lurking, waiting to claim control. Oh yeah, I remember! Banner is always angry. (Does that really work though?)

Spock via Pixabay
What about wrestling the demons to the ground with logic? After all, rationale and intelligence should take care of all our problems. But does it?

I think Spock would disagree with that summation. Humans and Vulcans seem to have the same problem when it comes to the monsters buried deep down inside. I think he would say they will keep raising their ugly heads no matter what we do. Maybe not in such "descriptive terms" but you get the point.

Iron Man via Pixabay
And then there is those awful personality quirks. You know what I'm talking about. Those little ticks and picks that no matter what we do to get rid of them, they keep coming back. We think that we've licked them and wham! There they are once again. The devil within is back again. We don't mean to be the worst friend in the world or the most blunt, rudest person at Sunday School but man, someone had to "say" it. And if it wasn't us, who was going to do it, right? Kind of like Iron Man. No matter what comes out of that guy's mouth, it's always a bit...well, off.

Anger, fear, hatred, revenge, depression, isolation, sarcasm, rudeness, racism, arrogance, egotism...the list goes on and on. Memories or events in our lives are pushed deep into our very soul. We believe we've shoved them out of our lives or for lack of a better word, "dealt" with them, but instead, they're lurking somewhere beneath where they begin to fester.

When they do come to the surface, and they will eventually, man, do they stink! Not merely for us but for everyone who may be around. Our friends, family, even strangers. And it's how we face them at that time that matters. Will we let lose the Hulk, Spock, or Iron Man? Or will we let a much more effective and powerful hero handle the devils in the shadows?

God has conquered every known enemy to man. Psychological and physical. How? He walked this earth as one, Jesus. He knows what it's like to be angry, afraid, hated, and depressed. He's been the target of racism, rudeness, sarcasm, arrogance, and much, much worse. So whatever you're dealing with, Jesus is more powerful than the Hulk, smarter than Spock, and even quicker than Iron Man. He's the ultimate hero.

Joshua 23:10 "One of your men puts to flight a thousand, for the Lord your God is He who fights for you, just as He promised you."

If you have devils within and are battling monsters, ask Jesus for help today. He's waiting. He's your ultimate hero.

In Christ,



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    1. You're very welcome, Parker! Thanks for stopping by Wyoming Walkabouts. :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder of who the true superhero is! Jesus saves!

    1. You're welcome, Emily! Jesus is awesome! I love Him so much. He's the greatest hero ever known. :)


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