Traveling Across Wonderland

Adventures of a Wyoming Writer

Togwotee Pass

Hey there, folks! Have you driven across your state? In eight hours? Well, we did. And it was quite the trip...especially in February. Brrr... Right now, I invite you to take the journey with us, my husband and me, as we make the jaunt to Jackson. Can you believe that James, my husband, woke up singing the Johnny Cash and June Carter hit "Jackson" before we even left?!?

As we say here in my friendly state, welcome to Wyoming. We hope you enjoy our latest walkabout. Who knows, maybe you'll see parts you don't recognize and will decide to visit them next time you're around.

1 - 2 - 3 Let's go!

A Sundance Sunset
The First Leg: We leave our home next to the Black Hills (on the eastern side of the state) and make our way toward Jackson (on the western side.) This first leg of the journey ends in Midwest with a fill-up and gathering of a few snacks.

Rig in Snowstorm

The Second Leg: Midwest is left in the dust (or should I say snow?) as we head toward Casper. We meet challenges along this leg with the good ol' Wyoming wind, but the skies clear and Casper is soon just around the corner or down the Interstate.

Third Leg: Exiting Interstate 25 marks Leg #3 of our journey. Although this stretch is often called the most boring in the state, it can be quite beautiful and we enjoy it. So will you!


The Fourth Leg: We pull into Shoshoni and soon thereafter begin our fourth leg. To save time, we cut across the reservation to Dubois. What a trip! It's been a while since we've seen this territory. I'm always amazed how the terrain of Wyoming changes as we drive.

The Fifth Leg: After filling the tank in the Jeep, we climb Togwotee Pass. Fun, fun, fun... That's all I'm gonna say about that. When we get to Jackson, it's like driving into a crazy, European town. LOL It sure has changed since 1991 when we lived there. But y'all can decide!

Jackson Town: We're spending a couple of days in Jackson Town and discover in no time at all that some things will never change. Such things like Snow King Resort and the Square are always lit up on a cold winter's night. On the other hand, a lot will never be the same. High prices, too many people, and tight spaces make for a short trip, especially for small town people like us.

Coming home: This morning, we're both ready to go home and return to our little corner of Wyoming. We look at each other say, "It's time to get out of here!" There is one thing this trip reminded us about this unique Wyoming town and that was how claustrophobic it makes us feel. In no time at all, we're checked out of our motel, fueled up, and are waving goodbye to Jackson.


I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did! I rediscovered this wonderland I call Wyoming and the blessings God has given me all over again. From the beauty of the mountains that tower above to the very ore in the ground which provides power and heat, I'm amazed at the provision of His hand. God is good...all the time and I give Him glory and praise.

Even though we didn't get a glimpse of the Tetons this trip, I couldn't leave you without showing these amazing peaks. They are truly the most majestic feature in this state. Have a great week!

The Grand Teton

God bless you and keep you as you walk in His name!

Renee Blare
Christian Author of Romantic Suspense and Mystery


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