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Traveling Across Wonderland

Adventures of a Wyoming Writer

Hey there, folks! Have you driven across your state? In eight hours? Well, we did. And it was quite the trip...especially in February. Brrr... Right now, I invite you to take the journey with us, my husband and me, as we make the jaunt to Jackson. Can you believe that James, my husband, woke up singing the Johnny Cash and June Carter hit "Jackson" before we even left?!?

As we say here in my friendly state, welcome to Wyoming. We hope you enjoy our latest walkabout. Who knows, maybe you'll see parts you don't recognize and will decide to visit them next time you're around.

1 - 2 - 3 Let's go!

Rise Up! Keep Moving...

The hike is hard . . . the trail winding . . . the trek long...
The Key to Life is to Keep Moving.

Life is hard. I wish I could wake up in the morning and see the sunrise without pain. I know many in this world wish they could do the same. But life takes no prisoners. It offers no quarter. In other words, what you see is what you get. No concessions, no cheats.
But is it always this way? After all, life can't be this bad. There has to be a way to get out of it. "You can't leap to assumptions." Not everyone has your problems." "I don't live where you do." I've heard these words from many people. I've had the same thoughts myself. I discovered however that no matter how much we'd love it not to happen, time goes on. The world keeps turning. And pain is an integral part of life.
Psalm 59:1 "Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; Set me securely on high away from those who rise up against me."
Wyoming is not really that special, is i…


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