The Wyoming Resolution

Get Ready

The calendars have turned. It's a brand new year. What better time to make resolutions? You know what I mean, right? Those goals/vows we make but forget after a few weeks. Things such as losing the weight gained from the holidays (or from every resolution we've ever made), cleaning the house, controlling our temper...the list goes on and on.

IN WYOMING, resolutions are common, just as they are elsewhere in the world, especially come January 1st. In fact, their number equal the stars in the sky, and yes, disappear as fast as the morning sun. But one resolution reigns supreme in this wild and remote land. No matter where you roam, you discover it in most if not all households come each New Year. Why? Because it's connected to the one element all Wyomingites share.

What element could transcend all social, economic, and emotional barriers? Nature.

And the resolution we all make? Two simple words: Get Ready.

For what, you may ask? ANYTHING . . . EVERYTHING.

Our towns and cities are not a hop, skip, and jump apart. They are hundreds of miles from each other. A clear day can change to a blustery nightmare with little or no warning. Beautiful WYOMING is good at offering a postcard picture one moment only for it to be lost to a bitter storm the next.

In order to survive in this gorgeous, harsh country, each year a new January rolls around, and those who call it home are reminded to make the annual resolution: Get Ready.

How do Wyomingites keep their Resolution? Think Preppers 101 😉

1. Food Storage: Most folks have dry foods stored in a pantry or somewhere else. This food is in excess of their normal supplies and will last them at least two to three weeks if not 30 days in case weather shuts down access. Methods of boiling water or water purification should be included. It is beneficial to fill bathtubs with water before emergency if time allows.

2. Power Supplement: Having a secondary form of power is important due to the remote locations of most homes or towns if power goes out. Repairs may take prolonged periods of time and generators are invaluable to preserve food in freezers and refrigerators. Remember to have a secondary source of fuel.

3. Light/Heat: When the power goes out, methods of providing heat and light should be available. Most homes have fireplaces or stoves, but those that do not, another form of heat must be provided...blankets, layers, etc. Flashlights, oil lamps, and such can be used for light, but care must be used with oil as well as preservation of battery life. Don't forget to have that secondary source of fuel.

4. Recreation: This is an often overlooked item on the emergency list. Card games, puzzles, and simple games which do not require electricity are easy to pack and good for spirits during an emergency, shut-in time. Pack a few to provide camaraderie and lift spirits.

5. First Aid/Responder Kit: A well-stocked first aid kit, emergency radio, and flares.

6. Vehicle: Always prepare your vehicle! Never leave your house without a blanket, chocolate bars or snack mix, water, first aid kit, flares, and means to contact someone (if available.) Never leave your vehicle if you become stuck in snow or stranded, but stay with it, keeping your tailpipe clear. Notify someone as soon as possible. If you find yourself stranded for long, periodically start your vehicle to stay warm.

So, what's your resolution for 2018? Is it to Get Ready? Prepare?

It's a good idea. To be prepared for what may come our way. In Wyoming, that could be a tornado, a ground blizzard, an avalanche. ANYTHING. EVERYTHING.

But is anyone really ready for EVERYTHING? I'm going to say NO. Why do we make New Year's resolutions in the first place?

In truth, the only way we can be is with God on our side, and that's through His Son, Jesus Christ.

So, when you're stocked up, and everything is set to go. You're prepared for anything...everything, ask yourself, "Am I ready...really ready?"

Luke 12:40 "You too, be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect."

By Renee Blare


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