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God's Glory . . . Everywhere!

For those who may not know me, my name is Renee Blare. I'm a Christian author, practicing pharmacist, and live in the amazing state of Wyoming. As a resident, I've lived through many seasons and relish in the unique blend of beauty and history of my home. This land is a treasure to behold. From the towering peaks to the rolling plains as well as the creatures who call it home, God's majestic hand is visible everywhere. Wyoming literally teems with His wonder. I dedicate this blog to my awesome God and commit to show His power and wonder through the glorious gift I call home. Welcome to Wyoming Walkabouts.


Have you ever thought you were dreaming? You pinch your arm to try to wake up only to discover that you are alert and oriented times three. Or blink fast, shake your head? Nothing works. The dream doesn't go away. 

That's what living in Wyoming is like. It can be a pleasant, peaceful dream...like Wonderland or a horrible nightmare (depending on the season.) Either way, a pinch, blink, or shake won't wake you from your "slumber."

Is that a bad thing? No, it's Wyoming.

Wyoming is a rugged, hard land. It's also a beautiful, majestic one. It can be cold and unforgiving one day while soft and luscious another. But one thing remains as I walk through this land, life is abundant, and God shows Himself through it.

The mountains tower on a brisk winter morning, casting their shadow in triumph over the frozen landscape, reminding all below who is the strongest while the creatures scurry for food and shelter. But soon, the sun breaks over the peaks, bathing the valley in  light, driving the darkness away, offering hope to those shivering and wandering in the night. 

The rivers bulge at their banks, the snow melting fast and furious from the hillsides. The dry land swells to absorb it, thirsty from the summer and harsh winter, but it's too much too fast. But relief is on the way. The sun soon falls beyond the horizon, temperatures cool, and the melt slows ever so slightly as a sigh whispers through the forest.

God's hand is at work in our lives if we let Him (and sometimes, even when we don't). When you face rough challenges, the bitter harshness of winter, don't give up. Wait. The Son will rise above the mountains--the cliffs and peaks on which you're trapped. The ones you can't climb. He'll bring the warmth to your face and melt the snow from your path. He won't leave you stranded, lost in the cold.

And those rushing waters? How many times have you stood knee deep in trouble, begging God to stop the flood? Whatever the cause? When the water rises as the snow melts, and you shore up the bank while it crumbles beneath your feet. Have faith. God is good. He will cool the night sky, slow the turmoil. Listen for His song on the air. Open your ears... your eyes to His love and the peace He offers to all. See the Lord's mighty hands moving around you and know you are not alone.

Nature is God's handiwork. He moves in all living things and loves you. He wishes no man to suffer and die for the wrong they've done against Him. As He provides for the creatures of the earth, He provides for you. He sent His only Son, Jesus, to suffer and die for you. God loves His creation. That infinite, powerful love is seen in each rock, grass, flower, snowflake in Wyoming. 

He loves you. Believe in that almighty love. Take a walk with Jesus today and start your life anew. He's waiting.

By: Renee Blare


  1. Beautiful! God's wondrous creation never ceases to amaze me and leave me breathless at times! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for taking a walkabout with me. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home state with us.
    I love the way you used nature to relate to GOD.
    So often folks think of the west as still being wild and untamed. In many ways it is, much like a lot of souls. Thank you for reminding us to look to the one who created it all and is the only one who can tame our hearts.
    Love your insights.

    1. You're welcome, Renette. I can't help but see my God in the things around me. The rivers, the mountains, the very air breathes His name. I see Him at work in the tumbleweeds rolling along with the wind on the plains. He's truly amazing. Thanks for walking along with us today.


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