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Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is Here!

Wow. December 25, 2017 is here already. Can you believe it? I have to be honest with you. I can't. This year has flown by. One minute it was January, the next, July, and now it's Christmas. Where did the time go?
I'm really not writing this blog about the time continuum, but when I began writing my blog today wham, it hit me... 2017 is almost gone! If you're feeling the same way, say it with me. Ready? 1 - 2- 3. WOW!
Okay, back to the topic at hand, Christmas. Do you celebrate Christmas? I do. I know people, both Christian and non-Christian, who don't. They have their various reasons. Such things as their beliefs, worldly commercialism, and their health. I understand most of them if not all. Do I agree with them? Not always, but who am I to judge? I didn't want to celebrate Christmas this year myself. To tell you the truth, I didn't even want to do this Christmas post.
I can hear you all the way from here. Why is she then? Something happ…

A Christmas Chat with Christine Schimpf (Giveaway)

Christine Schimpf on Inspirational Moments

I'd like to welcome Christine Schimpf to Inspirational Moments! She's a wonderful Christian author who has just released a Christmas book called A Christmas Kind of Perfect. More details about that book at the end of the interview! Did I say she's wonderful? She's even giving away a free e-book this week. So, make sure you pay attention to the interview and comment at the end for your chance to win! Here we go.

Renee: Hi there, Christine, welcome. I guess we'd better get started. Everyone's chomping at the bit to get to know you. First things, first....what brings you joy about writing?

Christine: There are times during the editing process that I throw my head back and laugh at some of things I have my characters say and then comment to my husband on how funny they are. It’s then I realize they're not real people and laugh at myself again. Writing is such a wonderful creative outlet for me and melding it with a faith…


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