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Living Beyond the Why


Why me? Why not? Why now? Why again?
These are questions we've all asked one time or another. And unfortunately, for many of us, more than once. Pray tell, shaking a fist at the heavens?
Job 10:18 Why then have You brought me out of the womb? Would that I had died and no eye had seen me!
Don't worry, I have also. In fact, I've shouted every one of them only to be met with total silence from above as if my cry landed on deaf ears.
Psalms 10:1 Why do You stand afar off, O Lord? Why do You hide Yourself in times of trouble?
But how do we move beyond the "why" moments in our lives? What do they really signify for the believer? Are they mere bumps in the road or do they represent something far more significant on our Christian journey?
Speaking from my own experience, I'd have to go with the latter. The "why's" in my life aren't bumps or potholes but deep, wide canyons along my journey of faith. Times I hold fast to the reins of my chariot, de…

A Faithful Review of Horse Creek Trading Post

Faithful Reviews on Inspirational MomentsHorse Creek Trading PostbyJim Burnett

About the Book:
A family saga and inspirational western story highlights God's activity and man's partnership with Him.
This prequel to Miracle at Caller's Spring Ranch and Return to Caller's Spring Ranch, tells the story of generations of the Reese family, Quakers who came to America to live out their destiny and be examples of God's love.
Mike and Aileen Reese sailed from Wales to America to begin a homestead in east Tennessee. Jed, their son, and his wife Sadie, go west, along with other family members, to settle on the Wyoming frontier where they started a trading post. Son Gus Reese was born at Horse Creek and becomes a legend of the Great Plains as a famous Pony Express rider at age fifteen. He brokered peace among soldiers during the civil war, and between the Indians of the Plains and the U. S. government.
The trading post at Horse Creek becomes more than a place where supplies are bo…

The Blockbuster God

Why do people go to Church? Why do they leave?
I’ve left churches because of rude people, loud music, boring preaching. And I’m not alone. I know many who’ve walked away for the same reasons or worse. People and pain go hand in hand. And forgiveness? Well, those Christian muscles are hard to flex, especially when the wrong is inflicted by the trusted.
Still, what would you blow off or “forgive” for a night at the movies? (Stay with me here.)
Think about this for a second. How many Christians pay top dollar for that IMAX chance to see a secular blockbuster? What will we tolerate along the way? Forgive?
A shove or cut in the ticket line? What about the person two rows down texting every other scene? The blast of surround sound that makes your head vibrate and ears ring for days? Really...another curse word, and was that a nude behind flashing across the screen? (Quick, cover little Johnny’s eyes.) Oh, I know, the final fight to the death seemed more like the eternal battle of good and evil …


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