Getting to Know Judith Rolfs on the Coffee Corner (with Giveaway)

Please welcome Judith Rolfs to the Coffee Corner. She’s a terrific author, and I’d love for you to get to know her like I have. What a wonderful way to do that than right here on the Coffee Corner. Oh, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win her latest and greatest! (Details following the interview.)

Renee: Hi, Judith, welcome to Inspirational Moments and the Coffee Corner. I am so glad you’re here! How about we kick it off with your latest book. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Judith: The unique setting for the first chapter of Never Tomorrow is Ireland. This is my third novel and the first time any of my characters have been out of the United States! My husband and I went to the golden isle on a missionary trip - the Macedonian Project - for the then called Campus Crusade (now Cru). On the long flight over I pondered writing a mystery so unique that no reader could solve before the final pages – something totally surprising. We did a lot of prayer walking and driving all over the country for three weeks providing lots of thinking time for me to devise this plot. Readers tell me I accomplished my objective.

Renee: Mystery is one of my favorite genres. And Ireland is an amazing place. What a great combo! I love the thought of not figuring out the ending either. I bet the reader loves it too. I bet that was an awesome trip. I would’ve loved it. When did you start writing, Judith?

Judith: I’ve been writing forever - I fell in love with the first pencil I held! In high school, I wrote my first novel, lost long ago thank goodness, I’m sure it was horrible. I also wrote poetry early on. Several poems and a book of poetry were professionally published – two in Billy Graham’s Decision magazine. I have a two-inch thick file of newspaper editorials. Writing is like breathing for me – it comes naturally and is essential for my life - it’s how God designed me.

Renee: Your writing journey sounds like mine…well, at least the beginning stages. My poetry has never been professionally published in Billy Graham’s magazine nor am I newspaper writer, but I’ve been writing forever. It seems as if writing is in most author’s blood from birth, huh? What about the titles for your books though? Where do they come from?

Judith: My husband has a knack for picking titles and has suggested every one which my publishers have always approved. Never Tomorrow refers to the murder victims who had all their tomorrows stolen. Despite the sadness of these deaths, the plot is about relationships among people and is uplifting.

Renee: Well, that’s pretty cool! Most of my titles are hard fought to figure out. I may have to solicit his help next time. Just kidding. What would you say is your biggest challenge as an author?

Judith: My biggest challenge as an author is that life often calls me elsewhere. I need to write late at night or in the wee hours of morning because the days become filled with family activities. Keeping my body in place before the computer is my goal – once there I can become enthralled for hours. It’s the initial oomph that’s tough.

Renee: Oh, wow. Thank you, Judith. I don’t know how many times I’ve searched for the—an inspiration to put my butt in the chair. You’ve just provided one. I don’t have problems writing (when I’m not in pain, that is.). It’s like you said. The problem is starting. When you’re writing, can you tell something about your characters and writing style?

Judith: As a professional marriage and family counselor for over twenty-five years I struggle to make sure none of my characters is too true to life, i.e. similar to an actual client. I find my counseling experience extremely helpful in developing characters and plotting unusual, but realistic situations applying general principles but no telling details.

Renee: What would happen if you couldn’t write anymore?

Judith: If I couldn’t write any more, I’d read non-stop. One regret, no I don’t like that word – I don’t believe in living with regrets or speaking negatives –  but one thing I’ve always wished I had more time for is reading for pure pleasure. I enjoy non-fiction books on philosophy and theology and literary fiction and strong mysteries.

Renee: Tell us more about Judith from a personal perspective.

Judith: My favorite hobby is being creative with my hands – baking pie crusts and hand building pottery which are very similar processes. I’d also like to take a three-month cruise around the world. I’m told I have high energy and I like adventure and variety. I’ve owned and run a pre-school, a bed and breakfast, a real estate investment enterprise and also been in local politics.

Renee: Wow, you are an amazing woman and wonderful author! Thank you for sharing with us on the Coffee Corner!

Judith: You’re very welcome. Don’t forget now, I’m giving away a copy of my book, Never Tomorrow. Details on how to enter below.


I’m working on my next mystery, The Windemere Affair but I need YOUR help!

I need a female character’s name for this book.

Leave it in the comments with your name and email address to be entered in the giveaway.

One winner will be selected by random drawing on 6/28/2017.



A compelling mystery with a powerful theme of forgiveness and healing...

Journalist Whitney Barnes investigates the mysterious death of her mother and three women from Cortland City seeking the thread that links them to an enigmatic killer. Why are women being murdered with no apparent motives for their death? Police are mystified at the lack of clues and a growing sense of fear surrounds the community. Who will be the next victim? 

Determined to find the killer, Whitney discovers these women were dealing with wounds from their troubling pasts, but what was their connection? She teams up with Dr. Sarah Stevens, an expert on women's issues, to ferret out information while TV talk show host Rich and real estate broker Jordan vie for Whitney's affection.

Whitney discovers new strength within her, but is it powerful enough to cope with this dark force of evil? Suspense escalates as Whitney becomes the killer's next target.


Award-winning author Judith Rolfs’ newly released mystery novel is Never Tomorrow, a gripping murder mystery, plus a psychological thriller that probes the marriage relationship. Judith uses her insights and experiences as a licensed family psychotherapist for three decades to instill powerful emotions in her characters– the grieving, the loves, and the deep joys that one finds in real life.

Judith Rolfs writes about family and relationships in her fiction and non-fiction. Her books have been published in every genre: children's fantasy mystery novels, how-to books for men and women's relationships and parenting, devotionals like Breathless Minute Meditations and adult mystery thrillers: Directive 99, Bullet in the Night and the new Never Tomorrow. 

New York Times best-selling author Pat Gussin describes Never Tomorrow: “Layer upon layer of intrigue—laced with murder–propels this novel to the pinnacle of suspense. An ingenious plot, dynamic and complex characters… Never Tomorrow is a stand-out for readers of mysteries, thrillers, and suspense.” 

Judith says, “As a writer I have the best job in the world. I meet amazing people every day and some are even real.”

Her books are available at amazon & Barnes & Noble.


  1. Hi Judith and Renee,
    Great interview. I love a good mystery and admire those who can write them.

    In our family we seem to like unusual names so those are the one i will suggest.
    Sharla our youngest, strong personality, EMT, and a bit of a strawberry blond.
    Joncee our oldest again a strong personality, dark hair, green eyes, has many interest she'd like to accomplish, teaching , photography, Painting, Actress but her biggest dream is to knock down a wall. Hahaha
    Darley a family name, my first name
    Renette the name i use is a made up name from my grandfather Renner and grandmother Nettie. Although it is a real french word and there is a park in Cal called Renette Park and a set of french dueling pistols that bare that name. I've been told it means little Burnett which i am so it fits lol

    1. How about awesome which is what you are, there! Thanks for some great suggestions and stopping by the blog. :)

  2. Wow, awesome looking forward to reading it.


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