A Faithful Review of Julie Cosgrove's Baby Bunco

Sleuthing is the Game

Baby Bunco by Julie Cosgrove

Who would leave a newborn baby
in the bathtub
 of a condo in Sunset Acres,
a retirement community, and why? 

And was a young woman slain
behind the convenience store
across the highway it’s mother? 

Janie and the Bunco Biddies
want to find out,
but soon they discover
sleuthing can get a bit dicey.


The Review by Renee Blare:

Book Two in the Bunco Biddies Mystery, Baby Bunco continues the sleuthing expeditions of the retirees of Sunset Acres. It gathers a few pieces of Dumpster Dicing (Book Two) and no, I don't mean the victim in that book, to help keep the reader guessing and tripping along the pages as the mystery unfolds.

The characters are lively and unique. Each one brings the story alive. They capture your heart and soul in a matter of seconds and you can't help but wonder...what you will be like at that age? Well, if you aren't already there, that is. This series is a hopeful reminder that life remains a puzzle, and each of us, no matter where we are in the journey, play a role in its solution with the Lord's help and guidance.

Now, I loved the story, but I did struggle keeping everyone straight, and it had a bit of a slow start. But I read fast, and the plot and characters caught my attention. I recommend this book to all who love mystery and laughter. It's a great read.

I give Baby Bunco four stars. Good job, Ms. Cosgrove.


More about the Author, Julie Cosgrove and Baby Bunco:

Freelance writer, author and speaker Julie B Cosgrove leads retreats, workshops, and Bible studies. She writes regularly for several Christian websites and publications.
Besides freelance writing and helping newbie writers on their path to publishing, Julie has personally published three Bible studies,two inspirational works, a devotional and a novel - Focused (2012), as well as the following through Prism Book Group: Hush in the Storm (2014) and Legitimate Lies (2015- Best 2016 Religious Fiction Award), Freed to Forgive (2015 - Grace Award Finalist) with Greener Grasses, Navy Blues, Hill Country Homecoming and a three book cozy mysteries series, The Bunco Biddies coming in 2016-2017. 
She is a member of North Texas Christian Writers, Texas Association of Authors, Advanced Writers and Speakers, American Christian Fiction Writers, Toastmasters International, Daughters of the Holy Cross and several web-based author groups Julie has one grown son and lives in Fort Worth, TX with two cats. 

Visit her website at www.juliebcosgrove.com 

All books reviewed are either provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest opinion or purchased personally by Renee. Her reviews are not for sale or in exchange for any services or fees.


  1. I really enjoyed the first book in the series and this one too. They are really fun reads.


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