Cabin Fever...Curse or Gift?


Means Cabin Fever

January is a hard month in the Rockies. Ice crystals hang in the air, and snow stacks with its coat of white sparkling in the evening sun.

The nights are long. The days are short. And it's cold...very, very cold. White and gray are common colors during this bitter time of year, although blue manages to splatter its way across the sky and offer a bit of hope to the soul. Green of any kind becomes a treasured commodity as does the rare and distant sunshine.

Cabin fever isn't a fable or myth for those in the north. It's real.

This annoying condition seeps into every aspect of human life about mid-January. The signs and symptoms include the following:

daytime fatigue/sleepiness
cognitive dysfunction
grazing/lack of appetite
lack/spurts of energy

What do we do about this curse that impacts most people during the winter months? Is there a way to turn it into a gift?


Wyoming is desolate with miles of wide open spaces. Critters outnumber us, and the land is wild. That's a fact we can't escape. Yes, each day files into another as cold seeps across the plains and mountains but that doesn't mean it should freeze us into icicles.

If there is one thing that living in this land has taught me, it's that life is precious...every single type and moment of it. When I gaze across the frozen plain or see a snow-capped mountain, I know the beauty around me is a gift from the Father above.

Winter, whether in gentle or brutal form, is a time for God's creation to hunker down and take stock of the things that matter. Spend the short, but icy days examining what we have, what we don't, and preparing for the renewal to come...not wallowing in the mire of the past or our current mess.

Cabin fever should not be considered a curse for it's a fire. Just as logs in the fireplace heat our homes against the storms of winter, cabin fever ignites a flame within each of us. Why? To save us from the curse of idleness that lies in the deep.

Will we allow it to prod at our soul and spur us to action or will we turn away and sink into oblivion?

That is the question to be answered each January morning.

So when you're itching to join the bitter, icy world outside, or having trouble concentrating this winter, or can't sleep, take a breath. Feel the fire burning and get ready. Because Spring is around the corner and God is good. He's got great things in store for you.

In Christ,



  1. I guess I am a big home body and don't mind those shut in days. It is definitely true that no matter what is going on God is good and has good things in store for us.


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