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Merry Christmas from Wyoming!

Christmas Wyoming Style

The Christmas presents are all opened and the critters are lounging under the tree. Dinner is...well, still thawing while snow flies outside the kitchen window. It's Christmas, Wyoming style.
It's a beautiful day  in the Rockies--cold, brisk and white. Welcome to Wyoming!
I'd like to wish all a very Merry Christmas. May this day that we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and all He has done for us be blessed and beautiful.

As we look forward to the future and 2017, I have hope. Is it in this world? No. My hope is in the Almighty. And no matter what I may face I know that I will never have to face it alone or with my own feeble strength. I have a Warrior to help wage the battles of this world...even the ones of my own making as well as a Mediator to trod on holy ground where I cannot...yet.
Christmas is a reminder that God shed His glory to don simple Not to condemn but to liberate. Not to join mankind but pay for the judgme…

A Christmas Cowboy Interview on Inspirational Moments

Cowboys at Christmas
Hey y'all, I'd like to welcome Julie Cosgrove to the blog this week. She's got a special treat for us in the form of a handsome cowboy from her latest release, Hill Country Homecoming. I know you're as anxious to find out more about him as I yield the floor. Take it away, Julie.

Thanks, Renee. Howdy, everyone.. Let me introduce you to a guy I recently met in the Cowboy Christmas novella, Hill Country Homecoming. Welcome Travis Wallace.

I’m Travis Wallace, the manager at the Bar-M, which is one of the largest horse breeding ranches in the Texas Hill Country. My parents died in a tornado when I was knee-high to a jack rabbit, so a nice, Christian couple raised me and my sister. I consider them my mom and dad, even though they’re old enough to be my grandparents. Their failing health worries me.

Sorry to hear that, Travis. How did you end up working at the Bar-M?

I came to work at the Bar-M at the age of sixteen, as recompense for driving recklessly ove…

A Christmas Celebration with Amazing Giveaway

It's Time to Party
The Blare Household loves Christmas. Thanksgiving rolls around and the decorations find their way out of mothballs almost immediately. A trip or two to the store (maybe more) attempt to satisfy the insatiable appetite for glitter and gold.

This year, old combine with new to create a plethora of beauty. Candles framed with holly flicker in the night to remind all what the season is truly about.

The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is worth celebrating. But is December the only time to do it?

God's gift - His liberating gift - is One that sets people free from pain and judgment. And Christmas reminds us that it's available to all, not just the special or elite. For we all have fallen short of the glory of God and are wretched in the eyes of the Father.

Jesus takes us under his wing, not to shelter us from the trials of life, but to weather the storms. To show us that He loves each and everyone of us. To prove that He will never leave nor forsake us and remain the…

Let Go and Let God

In the Midst of Chaos

The last thirty days has been a bit crazy…well, in most everybody’s world. I’m not kidding or assuming! Ask around. Between politics, weather, and work, life hit hard and turned this big ball upside down.
One nutty night in November, the Presidential election flipped this nation on its ear and lit up the entire planet. People have been reeling ever since. Many are still stomping and crying. As for the impact on my life, well, I’m a conservative Christian at heart but I do live in one of the few liberal towns in Wyoming. Need I say more?
I love this little town, although it is rather cold at the moment. But that’s what winter’s like in the Rockies. Cold and snowy. Speaking of weather, have you seen what the disastrous drought conditions brought to our nation? The beautiful Smoky Mountains are all but destroyed by fire. Again, we watch and weep as the world turns upside down.
Romans 12:2And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your …


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