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Fun with Caryl McAdoo on the Coffee Corner (with Giveaway)

The Coffee Corner Welcomes Caryl McAdoo

Renee: Please welcome Caryl McAdoo to Inspirational Moments! Caryl’s a great friend and awesome writer and I know you will love her as much as I do. She writes amazing stories and has a heart of gold. In addition to this interview for the Coffee Corner which of course I dropped on her at a moment’s notice, she’s offering TWO of her books for giveaway prizes! Did I mention she has a heart of gold? Oh, yeah, that’s right, I did! So…without further ado, let’s get started. Caryl, can you tell us about your new book? What special or unique about this one?

Caryl: The Bedwarmer’s Son insisted on being written. Back in 2013, I’d started a story I called The Pitch about a new TV reality show where the producer follows 3 teams (each has an agent and a writer) to writers’ conferences filming the author-wannabes’ pitches… looking for the next great American Novel.

For this story, I needed lots of titles and skeletal premises. The Bedwarmer’s Son was one of th…

Christmas...Wyoming Style with Crazy Woman Christmas

Renee Blare Releases First Christmas Novella
Crazy Woman Christmas

Devon studied her as his words sunk in. He couldn’t decide if she was angry or not as a glow suffused her skin. Bianca Kolceski was as gorgeous as the land outside his window, and from the looks of it, just as tough. Another section of his rigid heart softened.
    Aqua-blue eyes latched onto him and her head tilted to the side. “Can I ask you a question?”
    He shrugged, wincing when his ribs protested. “I suppose.”
    “It’s Christmas Eve. Why don’t you decorate?”
    Devon ignored the sting of tears. He couldn’t cry, especially not now and definitely not in front of her. He brushed a hand through his hair. An ache spread through his chest. He massaged his sternum and swallowed. “My parents died on Christmas Eve. Celebrating this holiday is hard for me, especially since I still can’t believe they’re really gone.”
    A small sound drew his gaze to Bianca. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears and her hand stroked his forear…

Discover Prism's Edie Melson's Alone

Edie Melson's Alone

After her family is killed in the cleansing, Bethany’s purpose in life has changed. No longer will she be allowed to work to save her dying planet. As a slave, endurance is her goal as she marks each day as one moment closer to an eternity spent reunited with those she loved. But when her planet is invaded, everything changes. Now she must decide either to align herself with those from her planet who condemned her faith and killed her family, or with the warriors who have conquered her world. Ultimately her choice will mean life or death for more than just her planet’s ecosystem. She alone holds the key to a powerful secret, and the fate of the entire galaxy depends on her decision.


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