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The Meaning of Love (Giveaway!)

The Meaning of Love (with Giveaway) What is love? Quite the question, isn’t it? Especially in today’s world.
Is it a gooey, gushy feeling? Or a flutter in the belly? I mean, really? Isn’t that what books and Hollywood say it is? I’m not being sarcastic, folks. I’m trying to make sense out of a truly complicated subject.
Well, let’s back up a minute.
We’re educated people, aren’t we? Let’s look at this in rational manner. Today’s world demands “unbiased” discussions (by unbiased, I mean no “religious talk.”) so we’ll only used the scientific method as a means to draw conclusions about the meaning of love.
So…how is a person supposed to define “love” especially when the very thing we’re talking about can’t be measured? Is not testable? How can it be dissected or analyzed, recreated in a scientific experiment? After all, that’s how life is supposed to work. That is the method of confirmation or repudiation of any theory in the scientific community, isn’t it?
We could poll a massive amount of …

Book Review of Ryan Jo Summers' Beside Still Waters

A Faithful Review Beside Still WatersbyRyan Jo Summers
About the Book, Beside Still Waters: 

Top Journalist and corporate climber McKayla Buchanan is sent to a remote California mountain camp for inner-city, at-risk teens. Accustomed to political and high-society assignments, she is suddenly a fish out of water. At Camp In As Much, she meets eight hostile and distrustful teens, assorted volunteers, rescued horses—and Clay.
Clay Michaels is the man who founded Camp In As Much and made it the success it is now. His hope for the highly recommended journalist is to come and write a feature to send seeds out to form other camps like his nationwide one. He never considered the reporter would turn out to be a lovely woman, or for him to have such an attraction to her.
Between McKayla’s worldly experience and Clay’s strong faith, they form a partnership to help with the endless challenges of the kids. 
While McKayla’s assignment is supposed to be temporary, it isn’t long before she and Clay are eac…

Hearts Race in the Rocky Mountains October 28th

A "Love Is" NovellaRELEASES OCTOBER 28thby Prism Book Group


RACING HEARTS is a story of love and trust. Based on my difficult pregnancy in my marriage, Racing Hearts is set in the beautiful town of Jackson, Wyoming. Discover what God teaches a young couple about life and love as hearts race in the Rocky Mountains.

Full of hope for the future, a young couple sets off on an adventure and welcome their new home with open arms. The lakes sparkle, the mountains glisten, and deep within, the seed of life grows. But challenges arise in the newfound paradise and soon, their love faces a trial of almost insurmountable odds. For the two Christians, placing the fate of their unborn child in the hands of God seems rather easy, but trusting each other? Now that may prove to be the largest challenge of hearts race in the Rocky Mountains.
Would you like to know more about Racing Hearts? Would you like to know more about Renee Blare? Would you like to…

Wild Horses and the Trails of Reba Cahill Series with Janet Chester Bly

HOW TO RUN WITH WILD HORSESTales from the Research of the Trails of Reba Cahill SeriesbyJanet Chester Bly

In a scene in Book 2, Down Squash Blossom Road, a small herd of wild horses gallops across a Nevada desert terrain and Reba Cahill drives slower to keep pace and stay with them as long as possible.
Reba’s mother is in the car with her and confides, “Getting close to them, it's like trying to capture all the wildness for yourself. It pulls deep inside ... the chase, the rush, the risk." Reba had earlier discovered her mom is known as “Wild Horse Hanna” by the Paiutes in that region.
I enjoyed the research about wild horses for this series. The legends of wild horses invade history as far back as Greek mythology, such as Pegasus, the winged horse.And although the four horses in Revelation 6 are somewhat tamed because they are ridden, they bring the wildness of death, famine, war, and conquest.
Modern day wild mustangs tend to have very long-range vision, more than a mile. Their…

It's Fall in God's Country

A Cool Wind Blows
It's time for change.

Mother Nature sucks in a deep breath and buckles down for the upcoming days...whatever they may bring.

It's the time of year when she shakes loose the last of Summer's hold in preparation for Old Man Winter. 

Welcome to the Wind Rivers. 

We stand in the grip of Autumn, and wow, is it a sight to behold!

The pines stand tall with fellow aspens at their side, quaking with the breathtaking change of the season. 

They bathe the forest in gold and burnt orange as bare granite peaks stand guard.

It's beautiful.

Postcard perfect. 

Then the sun darkens and clouds roll over the mountains.

Raindrops fall.

Leaves tumble from their perches and carpet the forest floor. 

Winter's on its way.

This is Fall in God's Country.

Praise the Lord!
Isa 55:12  "For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."

Raised in L…


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