Inspirational Moments: Faith for the Journey - Do Good to All

Do Good to All

Morning reading: Galatians Chapter 6.

Thoughts to consider:

What does it mean to do good to all? If we think our actions or mere worth in this world is enough to give us credence in His sight, we are deceived (v.3). But nor should we be discouraged. We are not alone in our walk as servants of Christ, nor should we act like it. The people around us matter. Our steps with the Father are not easy and neither are the steps of those we see in church pews on Sunday morning, much less those we know nothing about on our city streets. If life with the Master is hard, can you imagine the struggle without Him? If a man professes a life of roses and unicorns, is it true? His soul is condemned unless he knows the Savior Jesus Christ. That fact alone should cause the Christian to pause before turning away.

Gal 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Questions to ponder throughout the day:

Is it scriptural to ignore a person in need possibly at the price of your own discomfort? To let a child go hungry when we have the food to feed him? Or to dole out money to an addict when we know it will be used to simply potentiate his habit? Can an act of kindness glorify or in turn, mock God?

Evening prayer time: Ask the Lord to reveal opportunities (v.10) to do good, especially for your fellow Christians, as well as the wisdom to know how to act for His glory.

May your days be filled with courage and strength to do good deeds to all in His Name.


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