Faith for the Journey: Are You Free?

Are You Free?

Morning reading: John Chapter 8:25-58

Thoughts to consider:

It’s amazing how we can spend years believing, well, in anything. What happens when we are confronted about those beliefs? (v. 33) Like the Jews in John, we may turn away or worse, attack those delivering the message (v.59). Why would we? Justification? Rationalization? Some common ones are lack of faith, threats to our comfort zones, and infringements to our “rights.”
Freedom is an assumed requirement for mankind’s contentment, but in the end, human nature inevitably leads to bondage. Such things as doubt, envy, wrath, hopelessness, and lust invade and lead to darkness. Without His Light to drive them away, we face a life of pain and suffering, even as Christians. We must stand strong in the Lord and keep our eyes and ears open to discern His truth amidst a world of deception.

John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Questions to ponder during the day:

Is it to be assumed that the Great I AM (v.58) will let His children meander about the earth, calling themselves by His name, spouting things of Heaven at church and about their daily lives, and not challenge their worthiness? (v.50) Are you “comfortable” in your worldly life? Do you live in bondage or has the truth set you free?

Evening Prayer Time: Ask God to show you areas that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life and those which you may not be willing to relinquish. Ask Him to break those bonds so you can be a complete vessel used to spread His light to the world.

Freedom on earth is an illusion. Freedom with God is a fact. His name is Jesus.


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