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It's Cooper Time!

Relax. Kick up your feet...stay awhile.

It's Cooper Time!

I'd like to introduce you to Cooper. He's our hyper, precocious, and fun-loving Labrador. I actually have a blog dedicated to Cooper.
Cooper: The Water Dog at
I haven't posted recently to the blog because we've relocated. Cooper and I were separated for most of the month of June. Don't worry though, the posts will begin again shortly.
Cooper's the epitome of the Labrador puppy. I've lost count of the things he's chewed in half. His favorite toy is a bottle...any type of bottle. And the dog absolutely LOVES water.
But we have more than one crazy young pup at our house. We also have an old grump. (No, I'm not talking about my husband although he is getting older. And his disposition...well, let's just say, he can get a bit growly from time to time. Don't tell him I said that!)
No, this grump is a fourteen-year-old cocker spaniel named Poco. Before …

Carole Brown Lights up the Coffee Corner...Join Us for a Taste of Mystery

Hi, everyone! The Coffee Corner has a special guest this month. So pull up a seat and prepared to be dazzled by best-selling author, Carole Brown and author of Knight in Shining Apron. I hope you like mystery and fun because both is ahead! And on we go with the interview:
Renee: I have to know, Carole, how did you come up with the idea for your book, especially that title?
Carole: I think it evolved. J The story originally began as a romance to see if I could even write a totally romantic book. I did, but, to me, it always lacked something. Of course, when I dragged it out from the “shelf” where it hid for several years, I realized making it into a light cozy mystery would be the spark it needed.
I like extremes (the rebel in me? Lol) so the thought of a restaurant owner who couldn’t cook and a chef who also wasn’t just a chef, but a knight gave the co-protagonists a bit of interest that it would have lacked otherwise. I mean, who can resist a determined, strong woman (in many ways) who …

Through Raging Waters Cover Reveal Slated for June 21st!

Come and see the new cover of Through Raging Waters on June 21st! You won't want to miss this joyful celebration! Sponsored by Celebrate Lit Publicity Group, this reveal promises to be a fun-filled hour.

Renee will be there to talk about her new book, Through Raging Waters as well as her series, the Snowy Range Chronicles. The new book is scheduled to be released July 8th by Prism Book Group. The Facebook party will feature lots of chatting and fun. Giveaways include ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of the upcoming release, her current books on the market (Beast of Stratton and To Soar on Eagle's Wings - Book 1), and gift cards from Amazon and Cabela's.

Join Renee and Celebrate Lit for a wonderful evening as they pull back the curtain on Through Raging Waters...June 21st!

Here's more about TRW:

If Mother Nature has her way, Timber Springs will never be the same...

A warm spring combines with the storm of the century to send Timber Springs into a tailspin. Tossed into the role o…

Dream of Being a Writer? ACFW is for you!

Are you dreaming of writing the next greatest novel? Well, I have the place for you! ACFW!

American Christian Fiction Writers or ACFW is an organization for the writer...published or unpublished and is holding its annual Writers Conference in Nashville on August 25-28.
I've written five books with many more on the way, but without ACFW, I don't know what I would have done. The people who make up the organization help matter where you are in your writing journey.

With conferences come opportunities to meet editors, agents, and mentors as well as workshops that are taught by seasoned authors. The knowledge you take home may change your writing career as well as your walk with Christ. If you want to be a Christian author, then ACFW is the place for you.
Here's a bit of what you have to look forward to in Nashville this year:
Don Maass will be teaching the early bird class, Writing 21st Century Fiction, based on his latest craft book. This intensive hands-on work…

The Rage of Spring

Hi, folks! It's springtime in Wyoming and the river is runnin'. A lot is happening around here and I wanted to share it. No roses to smell yet, but that doesn't mean we can't breathe in the clean mountain air instead. Juniper is awesome too. Have you ever caught a whiff of a spring runoff as it makes its way down the mountain?

Nothing surpasses spring in the Rockies. It's quite amazing. I like to think of it as a combination of rage and relief. Now, I know that sounds a bit odd but there's really no other way I can describe it.

You see, the snow pack is still up there...waiting. We have A LOT of little bitty ice crystals (that's snow) resting on top of the Wind River Mountains... just waiting. And it's June already. What's it waiting for? Heat. To break the bonds that hold them together. free from the icy bonds of winter. That's what we call the "runoff." And it's absolutely spectacular. When the warm days of sp…


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