Faithful Reviews: The Dragon Roars by Sara Davison

About the Book, The Dragon Roars:

Their Secrets Protect Them ...
But Secrets are Hard to Keep

No one in the army can find out that Captain Jesse Christensen has become a believer. He and bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly are forced to meet in secret, facing imprisonment or worse if they are found together. Their relationship deepens, but so does Lieutenant Gallagher’s hatred for the Christians in their city. As Gallagher’s power grows, it becomes clear that his connections go much further up the chain of command than anyone realized, putting all believers, especially Jesse, in extreme danger.

Meryn wants to give her heart to Jesse fully, but her past holds her back. Although circumstances conspire to keep her silent, she needs to tell him her secret. When he finds out what she has been keeping from him, nothing will stand between them anymore.
Or nothing will ever be the same.

About the Author, Sara Davison:

Sara Davison holds a degree in English Literature from Queen’s University. She has written a monthly column for a major newspaper in her city, and is a copy-editor for an on-line publishing company. Her first novel, The Watcher, was the winner in the Word Alive Publishing contest in 2010, and will be released in April 2011. Davison has been a finalist for two national writing awards through The Word Guild; in 2008, for The Best New Canadian Christian Author, and in 2010, for Best Column – Single.

Davison lives in Orillia, Ontario, with her husband Michael and their three children.

A Faithful Review of The Dragon Roars by Renee:

Captivating. If you want a book that gets your attention and keeps it, pick this one up.

Book Two, The Dragon Roars picks up where The End Begins left off. Jesse is more than a soldier, he’s a Christian. His position is a blessing but also a curse. His relationship with the rebellious Meryn blooms, and he uses his role to help her but the dominating army is not to be trifled with. Meryn knows her future is in peril, but so is Jesse’s. How long will they be able to survive? That is the question nobody knows.

Sara Davison creates an amazing world where the world’s turned upside down. Christians are the enemy and life’s a guessing game. She weaves biblical truths with magnificent story-telling and paints a gripping picture for the reader in her Seven Trilogy Series

I give this book five-stars. I recommend this series to all who love end-time stories and series. It’s well worth it!


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