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Guest Post: The Cedars of Lebanon by James Blare, Jr.

The Lone Giant

The Cedars of Lebanon and Lebanese cedar… two very different trees. The Lebanese cedar is just that, cedar wood found in Lebanon. However, the cedar of Lebanon is a completely different tree. Some of the strongest wood mentioned in the Bible, it has roots said to be the deepest on earth. It’s even compared to the ministry of Christ. Hos_14:5 (I will be like the dew to Israel; He will blossom like the lily, and He will take root like the cedars of Lebanon.)
These unique trees are a standard which is used to describe the strength of God’s voice in Psalms 29:5 (The voice of the LORD breaks the cedars; Yes, the LORD breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon). If you are instructed to build something for God, He directs you to use the strongest wood possible, the cedar of Lebanon.
What makes these trees so unique? It is not just the wood. It is how and where they grow. And what would happen for these special trees to get so strong? In the high mountain ranges of Lebanon, the wind …

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Fog on New Mart Lake, TX
What a morning... I went fishing, well, kind of. I read, he fished. Fog rolled in, then receded, and rolled in again. We sat in the rain. We talked. We laughed together like the best friends we truly are. What a beautiful, wonderful morning. Today, the Lord reminded me why I fell for this man; hook, line, and sinker. We relaxed on the shore together for the first time this year. He tossed his lines out and we waited. A loon moseyed around the bobber on a lake of glass. It rained, it stopped, and it started again. A perfect day for fishing. He’d laugh, I’d laugh. He talked, I listened. I grinned, he chuckled. I’d talk, he’d listen. I won’t let this man go. Even his catch agreed. The small catfish he released swam back to him. He shooed it away, as if the fish could hear him. This guy is a joy. He protected me from the rain. When it grew cold, he offered the keys to the truck. Although his goal was to catch fish, and I wasn’t fishing, my comfort never strayed far fro…


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