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Pen to the Page: Fact or Fiction

Why do you write romance? Do you write fact or fiction? You should write real stuff instead of your stories. Amazing, isn’t it? Advice just continues to pour in. Do this, don’t do that. Be that or avoid this. The dilemma? Knowing whose counsel is wise and who to ignore. Not always easy. It helps if you know your motivation. Why do I write inspirational romance? Does anyone remember? That’s right! I write to, for, and about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the center of my life and everything I do is for Him. How do I address people’s questions? Advice? Well, prayer and if in doubt, prayer. J In reality, fact is vital to my fiction, folks. The ‘real stuff’ makes my story come alive. Otherwise, it would just be words on the page. Flat and black. For example, the opening scene in my current WIP (work in progress) without fact:
“Over here, Crash.” Joshua Fitzgerald turned to the area. “Yo, you wanna eat or not?” Josh sighed and walked toward them. “Yeah, what do we have?…


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