Adventure in the Word

Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

The Bible is an intricate book of history. The Old Testament weaves a wondrous story laden with adventure, horror, tragedy, and incredible joy. We hold our breath as God reaches down and leads one after another out of the wilderness or cry as time after time, His people stray away. We gasp as warnings sound and prophecies unfold as if locked in a spell-bounding suspense novel. Then His deliverance fills the page once again and we turn the page for another adventure. Such is the Old Testament.
The New Testament is very similar. Another history book bursting with all the same excitement, it’s identical in theme except it has one remarkable new character. Jesus, God's One and Only Son. He fulfilled the prophecy of the Old Testament and this series of books is His story.
Just as God taught the Jews how to live in the Old Testament, He shows us how to live now through Scripture. Yes, Jesus became the living sacrifice and we’re no longer bound to the old ways but what does it mean to be a Christian?
Don’t know the answer? Don’t worry. The Holy Bible teaches all we need to know to live the Christian life. How to pray, comfort one another, or even forgive yourself lies within the Book. We can learn so much and take comfort in His presence for He is with us when we leaf through the pages.
When you read your Bible, what do you think? Are you reading a history book? Are you reading a moral lesson? Pray about it. Have patience. The Lord may just be trying to teach you something. Who knows, you may not even realize it until much further down the road. Either way, the Word is an adventure!
In Christ,


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