The Season of Great Chaos

Shasta, the tigress
I love Christmas. Decorations are everywhere. The adorned tree stands in the corner, a village covers the table, and stockings hang from the mantle.  Baubles to bat, wires to chew, limbs to climb… Christmas cheer or feline calamity? That is the question.
Calamity One
From the bedroom, I hear a rustling sound in the living room. I peek around the corner and notice that the Christmas tree is shaking. I walk closer to spy my cat, Shasta, at the base of the tree, or at least one of her back paws. She’d attempted to climb into the densely decorated limbs. A pitiful meow sounds through the branches. Reaching under the tree, I snag her leg and pull her out then watch as she hisses and bounds away in a huff.
Not even a thank you!
Well, Calamity One averted at two a.m.
Calamity Two
“Don’t even think about it, cat.”
I turn at the sound of my son’s tense tones. He’s glaring at the tiger kitty poised to launch onto the table behind me. I suppress a smile and rise from the couch.
“Come here, Shasta.” I move quickly to scoop my cat under her belly, cradling her to my chest. Stroking her head, I can feel her low purr against my ribs and kiss her on the nose. “You know better than that.”
“She’s such a pain sometimes.” My son groans and rearranges some village pieces.
“Oh, she’s fine. Just a little confused right now. What would you do if temptation stared you in the face every day?”
Calamity Two averted just in time.
Calamity Three
I open the bedroom door and almost trip over my cat. “Shasta!”
She bucks and runs toward the hearth where she sits in front of her food bowl. Her yellow-green eyes watch me as I walk across the living room.
I shake my head and sit on the couch to put on my shoes. A pitiful yowl echoes throughout the house and my eyes roll. “Shasta, really? Give me a break.”
As my foot slides into the shoe, silence descends and I glance over at her. My eyes widen in shock. “Shasta, no!”
My cat has her teeth locked on the strands of lights hanging from the mantle. At my shout, she releases her grip, and arches her back, her tail bushing. With a growl, she leaps off the hearth and races into the kitchen.
I close my eyes and try to slow my pounding heart. Nothing like getting attention the hard way, eh?
Calamity Three averted again.
No matter how many disasters I may face, the decorations will continue because I love this time of year. I adore my Lord, Jesus and I love my kitty, Shasta.  She keeps the season interesting, to say the least. It’s a season of joy and, at times, chaos in this household.
Well, she’s beating at the window, I better go. May the Lord bless everyone! Merry Christmas.
In Christ,


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