Merry Christmas to All!


Merry Christmas!
May the joy of the Lord fill your mind and spirit this beautiful day. Rejoice, again, I say, Rejoice and cheer! Do you hear the music? Do you see the glory? Look to the heavens, for the Son is here.
Yes, praise the Lord. It's Christmas, a time for gifts, food, and family. Everyone draws together to celebrate the season and, lo and behold, even get a day off! Well, some of them do, anyway.
Today is December 25th,Jesus Christ, our Savior's birthday. He was born in a barn amidst the animals of the land. God gave Him to two people, Mary and Joseph. What an awesome story! The star that led shepherds by night, the three wise men... Have you read it?
All because God loved us enough to send His only Son for us. Kind of amazing, huh?
So when you opened your presents this morning, did you thank God for the most amazing gift of all? Did you thank Him for His Son, Jesus Christ?
Thank You, Father!
Merry Christmas,


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