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Pen to the Page: The Launching Platform

Image Welcome back to Pen to the Page! Did they say platform? I mean, really…a website, Facebook, Twitter? What, a BLOG? Have they lost their mind? What in the world is a platform? I’m not even published yet! I don’t need one of those, do I? I never thought I’d need to be a social butterfly just to write a book. The minute I heard the word platform, I panicked. I’ve never even finished a manuscript! How was I going to afford one of those? What did one even entail? Overwhelmed, I almost threw in the towel then I thrust my chin out and said, “I’ll figure this out even if I have to teach myself.” I checked the platforms of various authors, Christian and non-Christian alike. I discovered features common to the majority of authors and those consistent with Christian writers. I noted various characteristics I liked and disliked and incorporated some ideas. I also learned the positive and negative aspects of The Launching Platform along the way. First things first, let’s…

Merry Christmas to All!

Image  Merry Christmas!
May the joy of the Lord fill your mind and spirit this beautiful day. Rejoice, again, I say, Rejoice and cheer! Do you hear the music? Do you see the glory? Look to the heavens, for the Son is here. Yes, praise the Lord. It's Christmas, a time for gifts, food, and family. Everyone draws together to celebrate the season and, lo and behold, even get a day off! Well, some of them do, anyway. Today is December 25th,Jesus Christ, our Savior's birthday. He was born in a barn amidst the animals of the land. God gave Him to two people, Mary and Joseph. What an awesome story! The star that led shepherds by night, the three wise men... Have you read it? All because God loved us enough to send His only Son for us. Kind of amazing, huh? So when you opened your presents this morning, did you thank God for the most amazing gift of all? Did you thank Him for His Son, Jesus Christ? Thank You, Father! Merry Christmas, Renee

Pen to the Page: Figuring It Out

Image Welcome back to Pen to the Page. Have you ever had a dream but no clue how to make it come true? I have to admit I felt that way after someone read the first draft of my manuscript. Now what? Where did I go? What did I do to make it better? I was now a writer but I had a lot to figure out before I could be an author. Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.” Last week, I mentioned that I joined ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers. I did this almost the day I picked up my pen. I knew I needed support. No one can do it alone. This organization is packed full of wonderful Christian writers who have offered a great deal of help and guidance. I’m grateful for every bit of it. From the edits to the critiques, ACFW is a source I can trust. It has writing contests and courses as well as many others assets for the Christian writer. I love the fact that I can ask my fellow writers for advice about my plot lines one day …

Pen to the Page: Acute Inspiration

Image Welcome to the first installment of Pen to the Page. For the next four weeks, I’ll discuss writing and its aspects from my perspective as an aspiring author. The Lord continues to offer His wisdom as I continue my journey to publication. Next week, I’ll talk about learning the process with Figuring It Out. The third segment, The Launching Platform will cover the components of a platform and the benefits they can offer as well as their limitations. I’ll wrap up with a section that covers contests and critiques, An Author’s Examination. Contests are opportunities and critiques should be explored not abhorred. I’ll discuss both in the last installment of Pen to the Page. So, get your pens out and let’s begin. What motivates a person to write…anything? Two words… Acute inspiration. Acute means now, otherwise who would have ever picked up the pen? Then a source inspires the dedication and strength to continue on to the goal (e.g. story, book, or poem). I’m an as…

The Season of Great Chaos

Shasta, the tigress I love Christmas. Decorations are everywhere. The adorned tree stands in the corner, a village covers the table, and stockings hang from the mantle.Baubles to bat, wires to chew, limbs to climb… Christmas cheer or feline calamity? That is the question. Calamity One From the bedroom, I hear a rustling sound in the living room. I peek around the corner and notice that the Christmas tree is shaking. I walk closer to spy my cat, Shasta, at the base of the tree, or at least one of her back paws. She’d attempted to climb into the densely decorated limbs. A pitiful meow sounds through the branches. Reaching under the tree, I snag her leg and pull her out then watch as she hisses and bounds away in a huff. Not even a thank you! Well, Calamity One averted at two a.m. Calamity Two “Don’t even think about it, cat.” I turn at the sound of my son’s tense tones. He’s glaring at the tiger kitty poised to launch onto the table behind me. I suppress a smile and rise from the couch. “Come he…


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