Oh, How Sweet the Sound

As I listen to the wind in the trees, I look at my son across the camper. Our eyes meet and we both smile. The cool breeze filtering through the open windows reminds us of a place far from Texas.  As we reminisce about Wyoming, we remember the old times.  
           We talk about the snowy mornings and his grandfather’s meals during hunting trips. My son cherishes the star-studded nights after extinguishing the campfire and his flying trips up and down the roads on the four-wheeler. As for me, I treasure the times taking pictures in the high mountain meadows filled with spring flowers and fishing the cold streams and fresh water lakes.
            I asked him, “If you could go back and camp anywhere in Wyoming, where would you go?”
            “The Bighorns,” he answered.
The Big Horn Mountain range is an old range but a beautiful one. It is located in north-central Wyoming from the Great Basin to Montana.  The Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, the Medicine Wheel, and the Cloud Peak Skyway are all a small part of this beautiful area.
            From Lovell to Burgess Junction, a slice of Native American history can be experienced via the Medicine Wheel Passage. The southern expanse can be experienced through the breathtaking Cloud Peak Skyway and connects the small town of Tensleep to Buffalo. The northern route can be crossed by the Bighorn Scenic Byway. This mountainous road is very scenic and links Greybull to Sheridan.
The Bighorns are crisscrossed with trails and roads. A paradise to behold for the biker, fisherman, hunter, and horseman alike.  No wonder my son wants to go back there of all places. So do I!
I sit back in my chair and listen as the wind rustles the leaves in the trees. I can smell my dad’s bacon cooking on the grill if I try hard enough. If I close my eyes, those stars are twinkling. I think I even can hear the sound of a four-wheeler’s whine down the road. The smell of spring flowers and sound of jumping fish…
Memories… Oh, how sweet the sound.
Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God every time I remember you.”
In Christ,


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