New Beginnings

Shasta, our kitty

Hebrews 3:6 But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are His house, if indeed we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory.
I’m trying to put into words what I feel right now. It’s hard. I’m overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. Worry and fear mixed with excitement creates quite the interesting ride. If the truth be known, I think my husband is about to string me up by my toenails.  
You are probably wondering, what in the world is going on?  Well, we have relocated…again. I can hear it already. What? Didn’t you just move? Yes, we moved to east Texas one year ago from Wyoming. We’ve now moved a little west to a new area in Texas due to a new job.
The challenge is not the new job, although I will need to learn the ropes like any new employee. I’ve worked for the VA before and I’m excited to start that whole process. It’s not even figuring how to navigate the streets and highways of Waco. If nothing else, I’ll make James drive or buy another GPS.
No, the main obstacle in our path was a roof. We had none. We had decisions to make and had to make them fast! We left Mt. Pleasant without a roof and arrived in town on a wing and a prayer.
We’ve spent three nights in a motel room with a dog, a cat and a fish. Tomorrow, we will spend our first night in our new temporary home, our camper. Hopefully, in a month or two, with the Lord’s faithful guidance, we’ll have a house.
Until we have a shingle or a mailbox, I’m not completely lost. I know that God is within us no matter where we lay our head. Whether it is in a motel or a camper, I’ll keep my confidence and hope in Him.
I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I trust Him with all my being. I may not get everything I’ll ever want but I believe He will provide my needs. I’ll spend the next couple of months re-evaluating those needs in a small space with some pets and two grown men (my husband and son). Who knows? The Lord may just want me to learn something.
Matthew 6:25-26 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
It’s an adventure. It’s a leap of faith.
So it begins!
In Christ,


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