Tales of a Fledgling Writer: Critique Land

What! You have got to be kidding me? Can’t they see what I mean? You mean I have to rewrite this scene again? Sheesh!

Yes, I have entered a new world and oh, what a world it is. It’s called Critique Land.

I started this new expedition with one thing in mind and that was to learn. Learn how to edit, learn how to critique, learn how to write, you name it. Learn…learn…learn…

I start my second week soon and oh, what I have learned! Let’s see...

1.       Format is important. ;)

2.       Critiques are a matter of opinion. J

3.       The art of critique is challenging but fun. J

4.       To read other genres and critique them. J

5.       To read destructive criticism and ignore it. L

6.       Count it all joy (even the extra work)! PTL

Last week, I took a dive and jumped in head first. I swim and master new strokes every single day.  Tomorrow, who knows?

The last few days have been very satisfying for me. I have read awesome stories, received some terrific feedback and grown as a writer. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. What about you?

In Christ,



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