My Walk on Route 66 by James Blare, Jr.

My wife and I decided to travel Route 66 for our vacation.  We had no set plans as to when or where we were going.  We did have a list of what we wanted to see.   Off we went.

We found ourselves flipping a coin to allow for heads for one place or tails another.  It was quite fun.  Our attitude was that we were just going to have fun and not worry about being somewhere at a certain time.   We saw some fun and sometimes interesting attractions. 
Vacations are a time to relax and enjoy and even buy a few useless souvenirs.  I often found myself putting a penny and two quarters in this machine and cranking on its handle until a distorted copper penny plopped out.  With amazement, I looked at this piece of jewelry and the only thing I could say was "cool."  I also bought things like rocks!  Who knew? 

If you have ever traveled across any of the southwestern states such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and even California, there are stretches of road that the only thing you can do is stare.  You set the cruise control and wait for that next curve or exit to appear.  With roads such as these, your mind wanders and reflects to what it must have been like some 50 to 90 years ago.

I started to compare these roads to my spiritual walk throughout my life. 

Am I the” new” Interstate 40 stretch of highway?  You know?   Never stopping for anything that might be interesting and never learning the history of why I was built.  The road that takes us to our destination in the shortest period of time.  I remember a time in my Christian walk when all I wanted to do was just go, go, and go. Not stopping to learn about anything but instead just getting by so I could get things done.  I had things to do and God was along for the ride.

Or am I that old historic Route 66? Never wanting to change, and always leaving things the way they were.  Did I not want to be replaced by something that just might be a little safer and faster?  I knew along the way somewhere I was going to have to change.  Was I going to make it hard for the Lord to change me or was I going to trust that God knew what He was doing?  Did this mean I had to give up a way of life that was comfortable?  Or remain, eventually rotting away to the test of time and weather like that old road?

I found myself in a bit of a dilemma.  What kind of road did I want to be?

I want to be a road that serves a purpose other than my own.  I want to be a road that people travel 50 to 90 years later and say, “This is one cool road.”   Where they could stop and smell the roses I had to offer and learn from me as much as I learn from them.  I want to be that road that is willing to change.  The one that allows the Lord to take out a few dangerous corners and smooth out a few bad pot holes.
As I continue to explore this historic road called Route 66, I reflect on the good times.  I envision people on family vacations and picture the youngest boy wearing a coon skin hat or the struggles of trying to get everybody in the family to smile for that picture along the road.  I remember all the good times that the Lord has shown me.   I look at this old road and find myself appreciating the changes that God might have in store for me.   After all, He is control and knows what is best for me.

James Blare, Jr.


  1. great job, james....good thoughts!

  2. Nice Job James!
    I want to be that sure but steady road people will feel comfortable traveling on because they can feel GODs presence there. One that intersects with others and makes their direction an easy choice.
    Praying GOD will use me for His purposes. I know He is using you, and am so glad our paths have crossed.


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