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Remember the Fallen

The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers fills the air while the kids play tag in the yard.The television is alive with the sounds of the race and a few bets are flying as to who will cross the finish line.Out at the lake, some college buddies are camping out for the long weekend. With a little fishing mingled in, jet skiing and boogie boarding pack their hours with fun and laughter.The holiday is a time for one and all to enjoy a few hours of relief from the stress of life and some fellowship with friends and family.
Meanwhile, across the country, flags wave, many at half-mast.A wreath shrouds a gravestone memorializing a loved one’s sacrifice for his fellow citizen. VFW cannons sound at dawn to rouse slumbering residents to acknowledge the day.A lone bugler stands at attention before rows of marble square stones and the piercing notes of the melancholic call echo through the air.Family and friends gather to honor the fallen.
My uncle, JR Post (USS Hornet, Vietnam)
      Memorial Day is a d…

My Walk on Route 66 by James Blare, Jr.

My wife and I decided to travel Route 66 for our vacation.We had no set plans as to when or where we were going.We did have a list of what we wanted to see.Off we went.
We found ourselves flipping a coin to allow for heads for one place or tails another.It was quite fun.Our attitude was that we were just going to have fun and not worry about being somewhere at a certain time.We saw some fun and sometimes interesting attractions. Vacations are a time to relax and enjoy and even buy a few useless souvenirs.I often found myself putting a penny and two quarters in this machine and cranking on its handle until a distorted copper penny plopped out.With amazement, I looked at this piece of jewelry and the only thing I could say was "cool."I also bought things like rocks!Who knew?
If you have ever traveled across any of the southwestern states such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and even California, there are stretches of road that the only thing you can do is stare.You set the cruise c…


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My First Rejection
First stage… UtterDevastation I stare at the screen in shock.I read the words over and over again.A feeling of sheer panic washes over me as I admit that what appears is not the manuscript from last night.My heart sinks in defeat.Oh, no! My computer rejected my edits!

Second stage… Raving Lunacy I search every hidden realm in the computer for my lost words.I dig into the recycle bin, the hard drives, the documents and picture files looking for the elusive data.No bits or bytes are to be found.Strands of hair fall by my chair and unkind words caress the ceiling.My husband listens to the moans and groans for a little while then asks the one question I do not want to hear.

"Did you save them?”

DID I SAVE THEM?Of course, I saved them!I always save them!What kind of an airheaded writer does NOT save their work?Do I look like an airheaded writer?NO!Of course not, that is because I SAVE MY WORK!(I did say raving lu…

Faithwalker: Notable Nickname or Functional Reality?

Tomato Soup, Crackers, Grizmo, mrsgriz, Faithwalker…All of these have one thing in common.They are names or “handles”.  Used on radios or in chatrooms, they identify users to others when they communicate.The last two are mine.I use them in Christian chatrooms instead of my given name.My husband used “Grizmo” for years so I decided to be “mrsgriz.”I know, I know, not very imaginative.
After a ten year hiatus, I ventured into the chat world once more.I decided a new ‘handle’ was required.It would need to reflect my walk in Christ as well as my journey to accept Him as my Lord and Savior.That is a lot of expectations for one word, I know.I thought hard and prayed hard.
My road to salvation was an interesting one.No, I am not a recovering alcoholic or drug addict and I do not have stories of jail time to fill the pages.I said interesting not captivating.If you want captivating, talk to my husband.
I am the case of the lost, ‘religious’ soul you hear about sitting in the pew on Sunday.I was t…


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