To My Baby

This poem was written to my little boy, still in my womb, five days before his birth.  After weeks on bedrest and praying for a miracle, the day was fast approaching that he would be born.  I wrote these words to the new life I felt moving within me.

Oh, my sweet, tiny baby
Who's in this belly so grand.
Are you a little lady
Or a bouncing, tiny man?

Will you have the dark, brown eyes
That twinkle like your daddy's?
What about those nightly cries
That signal when you're crabby?

I pray that I will become
A perfect mother for you,
But if I'm not, I promise,
I'll do the best I can do!

During times I know I'll fail,
I hope you see I love you.
I will try to protect us,
To keep, love and guide you too.

With God's help, I'll always be
One who you can always turn
To in times of bitter need,
Who can teach as well as learn.

Renee Blare


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