Easter with a Little Dye - It Lives On

Easter is my favorite holiday. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of my savior but Easter is when I rejoice in my deliverance from this meager existence.
I remember his horrific walk down the Via Dolorosa or the "Way of Suffering" and cry, knowing that my sin contributed to every stripe upon his back. I listen while the story is recited of the nails driven in his feet and hands at Calvary or "Golgotha" and how he hung for several hours until he died. I hear about the soldier piercing his side with water and blood pouring out and the tomb they placed him in to seal him away from the world.
While I listen in the sanctuary, the children are busy in children's church having fun! They are hearing the story of Jesus and his sacrifice, minus the trauma and gore for such tender ears, amidst giggles and laughter as fingers dip into purple, blue and green. They are dyeing eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt after the service.
These colored ovals will be hidden in the church yard later in the afternoon. A stampede of children will go forth to find them, running to and fro and peeking in every nook and cranny to find as many as possible. A little game started many years ago that has turned into a tradition for some, a habit for many.
As I watch the kids run around looking for those hidden eggs, the joy that lights up their faces at each new discovery serves to remind me of how this whole story in Jerusalem ended so long ago. Jesus Christ no longer resides in that tomb in which they sealed Him on that horrible day. He rose and walked away! Yes, HE LIVES!
The joy that fills my heart is like finding a hidden treasure each and everyday. I love you, Lord.

In Christ,


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