A Blast from the Past

I had a little setback this week.  Instead of leaving the blog empty for the week, I decided a little blast from the past was in order.  I will post a poem or two of mine until I can get my feet under me and get my blog in order to get it posted, hopefully in a few days.
The first one is a poem I wrote when I first met my husband-to-be.  I hope you like it!


You stand by me, left and right,
In both good times and in bad.
You wake me when I am tired
And cheer me when I am sad.

You stand beside me, first and last,
To keep me standing tall.
You hold me when I cry
And catch me when I fall.

You stand behind me, present and past,
To love me more than life.
We brace ourselves 'gainst the world
Withstanding its toil and strife.

I love you with all my heart,
For always and forever.
To be with you is my prayer,
Walking through life together.

After 24 years together, the Lord is still answering my prayer.  Thank you, Lord! 

In Christ,


  1. That is sweet. It would be easy to fall into the "if onlys" but instead I am going to trust God and watch wonderful examples like you and James! Thank you for being you! Thank you for listening to God's call, even when it wasn't easy. We are watching and learning!

  2. Thanks, Grace and I'll keep praying. ;)


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