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The Weak Christian

Have you ever thought that there is absolutely no way that you can do it?That there is no way you can get through another day?You wake up to the alarm clock, one more sunrise, or pain and you say, “No way, Lord.Not again.I don’t have it in me to do this anymore.” I have been there.
When I find myself at this point, I turn my eyes to Jesus.He reminds me that I am not alone.

2Cor 12:9And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. I realize that being weak is not such a terrible thing.I pray and begin to feel His power seep into my bones. The fatigue vibrates in my toes but soon it gets replaced by energy from my soul.Christ works a miracle!
Oh, I repeat this prayer monthly, weekly, and sometimes, at the end of my work schedule, daily but God is faithful.He answers it, lifts me up, and rests His power upon me to see me through …

The Severed Saint

Have you ever heard a fellow believer say the following:“I love God but I hate church?”I have.In fact, those words have left my lips.Why?Why would a Christian hate the Bride of Christ? Here are some “reasons” I have heard:

I will never go back there until he leaves.Don’t you remember what he said about you? I don’t worship that way. God is everywhere.I don’t need a building to worship him. I can’t find a church like my old one.

I just don’t fit in.

Have you heard any of these before?I am sure you can add many more to the list.My heart breaks to think of how many believers miss out on the joy of a church home.
To start with, let me address the third “reason” on the list above.I agree that God is found everywhere on His planet and indeed, we do not need a building to worship him.In fact, the last church I attended in Wyoming did not even have a building.However, the Church is not a building.God refers to His Church as us, His children.We are compared more intimately in scripture to a bride, he…


What does it mean to suffer?Webster’s Dictionary states it as the following:1a: to submit to or be forced to endure <suffer martyrdom> b: to feel keenly : labor under <suffer thirst> 2: Undergo, experience 3: to put up with especially as inevitable or unavoidable 4: to allow especially by reason of indifference. So what does that mean anyway and how does it apply to me?
Suffering is a dilemma I struggle with daily.Watching the struggles of those I love is hard to do, knowing I can do nothing physically to alleviate their pain.The emotional toll that suffering takes on a human being is enormous.I relate it to a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, good days and bad, depending on which loop it is on at the moment.
Before my husband’s last surgery, I thought I would scream!Would it ever end? The man is tough but he is not invincible and he is suffering.Why?He loves the Lord with all his heart.What could he have possibly done to deserve this?
It was a little ironic that his thi…

To My Baby

This poem was written to my little boy, still in my womb, five days before his birth.  After weeks on bedrest and praying for a miracle, the day was fast approaching that he would be born.  I wrote these words to the new life I felt moving within me.

Oh, my sweet, tiny baby Who's in this belly so grand. Are you a little lady Or a bouncing, tiny man?
Will you have the dark, brown eyes That twinkle like your daddy's? What about those nightly cries That signal when you're crabby?
I pray that I will become A perfect mother for you, But if I'm not, I promise, I'll do the best I can do!
During times I know I'll fail, I hope you see I love you. I will try to protect us, To keep, love and guide you too.
With God's help, I'll always be One who you can always turn To in times of bitter need, Who can teach as well as learn.

7-4-91 Renee Blare

A Blast from the Past

I had a little setback this week.  Instead of leaving the blog empty for the week, I decided a little blast from the past was in order.  I will post a poem or two of mine until I can get my feet under me and get my blog in order to get it posted, hopefully in a few days.
The first one is a poem I wrote when I first met my husband-to-be.  I hope you like it!

You stand by me, left and right, In both good times and in bad. You wake me when I am tired And cheer me when I am sad.
You stand beside me, first and last, To keep me standing tall. You hold me when I cry And catch me when I fall.
You stand behind me, present and past, To love me more than life. We brace ourselves 'gainst the world Withstanding its toil and strife.
I love you with all my heart, For always and forever. To be with you is my prayer, Walking through life together.

After 24 years together, the Lord is still answering my prayer.  Thank you, Lord! 
In Christ, Renee 

Praying With an Agenda

Prayer is wonderful.I love to talk to my God.I remember learning the Lord’s prayer as a child and after becoming a Christian, using it in my own prayer life.The joy I that I experience in fellowship with Him cannot be found any other way.A flow of intense prayer and fellowship is how I walk daily now but I did not start that way.I had a rough period or two…
     After I became a Christian, excitement filled my soul.God was awesome!He was moving in my life and doing such wonders that prayer was almost an afterthought.I spent most of my time alternating between praising his almighty Name and thanking Him.Experiencing the real and true power of God for the first time in my church life of eighteen years sent me reeling and I was on cloud nine.
     Rough period number one arrives… Dutifully, I hit my knees.In tears, I turn everything over to God but He doesn’t answer my prayer!Oh, I am mad!Why, Lord?Why won’t you answer me?I quit going to that church and go to another.I stop reading that st…

Easter with a Little Dye - It Lives On

Easter is my favorite holiday. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of my savior but Easter is when I rejoice in my deliverance from this meager existence.
I remember his horrific walk down the Via Dolorosa or the "Way of Suffering" and cry, knowing that my sin contributed to every stripe upon his back. I listen while the story is recited of the nails driven in his feet and hands at Calvary or "Golgotha" and how he hung for several hours until he died. I hear about the soldier piercing his side with water and blood pouring out and the tomb they placed him in to seal him away from the world.
While I listen in the sanctuary, the children are busy in children's church having fun! They are hearing the story of Jesus and his sacrifice, minus the trauma and gore for such tender ears, amidst giggles and laughter as fingers dip into purple, blue and green. They are dyeing eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt after the service.
These colored ovals will be hidden i…


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