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Don't Miss K. Dawn Byrd's "Lesson's From the Open Road"

Lessons from the Open Road
A couple of years ago, the idea of writing a devotional about the lessons I learned while riding a motorcycle came to me. I jotted down notes for weeks, hoping to come up with enough lessons to take the reader through a month. Lessons from the Open Road ended with 33 lessons, each followed by Scripture and prayer. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes learning new things is hard. Just when I thought I'd mastered the parking lot where I was learning to ride my little Yamaha Virago starter bike, I pulled out, forgot to hit the brake, did an Evel Knievel, and jumped a short concrete wall, landing in some trees. My poor little bike limped home with a hole in the crankcase the size of a quarter. J-B Weld to the rescue! I'm stubborn, too stubborn to quit. After I recovered from the sore neck that resulted from my stunt, I climbed back on the old iron horse. Eventually, I graduated from the parking lot and hit the streets. When I'd learned to ride well enough …

Joy: A Christian's Lifeline

My son was home on Spring Break not too long ago and he was asking us about the Fruit of the Spirit one night.Before he really asked a question, I ticked them off for him.I don’t know what I was thinking but you know how it happens.You don’t think about it anymore.You just list them:love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.You even throw the law bit in for good measure at the end.I know I did that day.

He nodded and then asked a pretty good question.He asked for the difference between happiness and joy.This question wasn’t new for me but I was a little startled to hear it from my twenty year old.He said he had the others pretty well figured out (his words, not mine).After a quick prayer for guidance, I sat down with my son to share my take on joy. Happiness is an immediate feeling that satisfies your need for the moment, I explained.It is good to be happy with your life, your job, your school.Strive for happiness but always remember it i…

The Almighty Power of the Word

Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.       The Bible is an intricate book of history. The Old Testament is a wondrous storybook laden with adventure, horror, tragedy, and incredible joy. We read as God reaches down and touches one after another to lead His people to safety and cry as time after time, His people stray away. We gasp as the warnings come and watch as the prophecies unfold as if locked in a spellbounding suspense novel. The beautiful promise of a sunrise or His deliverance comes to light, a smile breaks forth on our faces and we turn the page to another adventure. Such is the Old Testament.       The New Testament is very similar with one exception. It is a book of history as well and laden with all the characteristics of the one preceding it. In fact, this wonderful testament is identical in theme except it has a remarkab…


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